Who Says You Can’t Lose Weight with Home Workouts?

Try This Brutal HIIT Workout to Nuke 150 Calories in 15 Mins

HIIT or high-intensity interval training has gained cult status over the last few years because of its efficiency in burning calories rapidly. The HIIT workout we are explaining today doesn’t need any equipment.

You can easily perform it in the comfort of your home. Perform it first thing in the morning for best results.

You’ll be performing a Tabata style HIIT workout, i.e 20 seconds of activity followed by 10 seconds of rest. Don’t sit during the rest intervals as it can lead to cramps.

The whole idea is to perform all exercises with maximum intensity. Perform fewer repetitions if you are exceedingly tired but don’t compromise on form and technique.


12 exercises total
2 sets per exercise
Intervals (20 secs workout, 10 secs rest)

Warm Up: 3 Minutes (30 Sec Each)

- Side Step Arm Swing
- High Knee March
- Squat Circles
- Boxer Shuffle
- Up and Outs
- Jumping Jacks

Workout: 12 Minutes (20 Sec On, 10 Sec Rest; Two sets per exercise)

- Pop Squat
- High Knees
- Walk Downs
- Burpee
- Lateral Jumps
- Star Jumps

--Rest Break— (maximum 2 mins)

- Plank to Push Up
- Jumping Lunges
- Jumping Jack
- Thigh Slap Jumps
- Mt. Climbers
- Squat Jack

If you are unsure about the correct form and technique for any of the exercises, please search for them on YouTube to find tons of useful videos. Mimic the demonstrations until you get it absolutely right.

Perform this workout 5 times a week for a month and you will definitely experience fat-loss, provided you eat right.

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