Genius Hacks for Quick Fixing Your Activewear

It's no secret that we all like shortcuts, so when it comes to alterations, we would rather rely on a quick fixing, instead of paying a visit to a tailor. Whether you've gotten the wrong size or accidentally ripped a few threads you thought were gonna retire your activewear, make no fuss.

Don't worry about ruining your favorite sports bra, comfortable leggings, your must-have sneakers or your cozy hoodie because you can DIY them just by using the help of a few tools you may already have on hand.

Have these tips and tricks in mind so you could always be the altering-whiz in any activewear pickle.


Wrong Sized Sports Bra

Imagine buying sports bra according to your size without trying it on, just to realize it's too tight or too loose for you.

Easy tight bra troubleshooter is the hair conditioner trick. Soak the bra in a water bucket dissolved with a tablespoon of hair conditioner for 30 minutes. Rinse and make sure to squeeze as much water, then stretch the damp bra using your hands and let it dry. As the conditioner softens the elastic fabric, the bra loosens. You can repeat this process if needed.

Ask about a loose bra, even though each wash tightens it, you can ease the hassle by pinning the back straps together with a safety pin, resulting with a perfect-fit.


Leggings Don't Fit Perfectly 

If you unintentionally ripped your leggings, all you need to do is apply some clear nail polish right away so the hole doesn't spread wider.

In case your leggings feel loose, don't rush into giving up on them. The problem is probably only in the waist elastic band which is very easy to cut a little shorter, then just sew it back in place.

In case of a legging too long at the leg section, cutting isn't the solution. You should consider turning them into capri leggings, especially if it's summertime, your better-breathing-skin will thank you. It's easy and totally foolproof (sew-proof).



Uncomfortable Sneakers

There's nothing more annoying than sneakers that don't fit. Period. They make any motion utterly uncomfortable, which is opposite from the point of wearing sportswear.

Easily stretch your brand new sneakers either by working them in with your thickest pair of socks, or by putting a ziploc bag filled with water inside and letting it freeze until the ice shrinks within them.

The solution for too big sneakers is to fill the frontier and back with a few cotton pads (yes, the ones used for makeup removal). The number of pads you'll need depends on the space left between your foot and the sneaker.


Something's Wrong with Your Favorite Hoodie? 

Unarguably, it's hard to go wrong with a hoodie size, but despite that, other things can go wrong.

Have your hoodie strings ever gotten in too far? In that case, pull the entire sting out and put it back by tying it to a straw.

In case of a sweat odor on your hoodie, pack some baking soda on the armpit area of the hoodie and leave it on overnight for best results.

Hoodie zipper won't close? Again, pin a safety pin to the pull and watch it slide easily.


Tried using these tips and tricks for your wrong-fitting sportswear or a ripped piece? Let us know in the comments section below!





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