Best Plus Size Leggings Every Curvy Girl Should Own

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2018-04-23 19:34:45 +1000

Is booking your sweat session getting harder and harder? Do you find yourself saying things like: "I don't have anything to wear," or "None of my activewear is comfortable"? One of the best ways to motivate yourself getting to the gym is by investing in new workout clothes. It seems like we are always looking for some excuses when it comes to getting to the gym. We found that complaining about the activewear is our favorite way of procrastinating. Whether that’s leggings that are constantly slipping down, a sports bra that digs into the side boob, or socks that stop...

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What to Wear When You Workout

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2018-04-09 20:00:27 +1000

If the first thing coming on your mind when you think of working out is: feeling exhausted, tired, sweaty, and sore after exercising, you probably need solid motivation that will make a difference in how you feel after a workout. It’s true that motivation plays a big part in your great working out results, but don’t underestimate the activewear you have on while in the gym or at your yoga class. Wondering what to wear when you work out? Choosing workout clothes that are comfortable, wick away sweat, display movements clearly, and protect sensitive skin do matter. Or how we...

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8 Fitness New Year's Resolutions

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2018-01-01 08:52:51 +1100

Survived the holiday feasting season? If you are reading this article, you probably did enjoy the most awesome, crazy and magical time of the year, but also pigged out over the holidays, eating and drinking like there is no tomorrow. But now that tomorrow came you are left with your Fitness New Year's Resolutions and a hope that those easy changes for a fitter life won’t be promptly forgotten within a month. The trick? Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Setting unrealistic goals will only leave you disappointed and, often, with a forgotten resolution by the time February...

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Genius Hacks for Quick Fixing Your Activewear

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2017-12-11 17:36:37 +1100

It's no secret that we all like shortcuts, so when it comes to alterations, we would rather rely on a quick fixing, instead of paying a visit to a tailor. Whether you've gotten the wrong size or accidentally ripped a few threads you thought were gonna retire your activewear, make no fuss. Don't worry about ruining your favorite sports bra, comfortable leggings, your must-have sneakers or your cozy hoodie because you can DIY them just by using the help of a few tools you may already have on hand. Have these tips and tricks in mind so you could always...

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Activewear You Need to Keep You Warm During a Winter Workout

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2017-11-15 12:23:52 +1100

Are you one of those who doesn’t want to wait until January to start with the New Year’s resolutions? Almost a month and so until New Year, and we've already made a serious commitment to our workout routine. Now probably the first thing coming up on your mind is shopping (we know, it’s our favorite holiday sport too), but let’s spend some time talking about a real winter workout this time. Getting ourselves to workout is hard enough as it is, and when you add in the freezing temps that increases tenfold. On the other hand, tables are never as full...

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