Sagging Breasts: The Facts, The Myths and The Science

Fight Sagging Through Lifestyle Changes

Every woman dreams of maintaining perky and supple breasts throughout her lifetime. Sadly, this remains just a dream unless one is willing to go under the surgeon’s knife.

Sagging breasts are as inevitable as death and taxes, but this does not mean that you have no control over the process.

Here are some major factors that affect the elasticity of breasts:


It is a myth that larger breasts sag and small breasts don’t. Gravity picks no sides and acts with the same force on smaller breasts. What really matters is the ratio of breast tissue to fat.

A higher percentage of tissue imparts perkiness while a higher amount of fat makes breasts droop down. Avoid putting on excessive fat by eating healthy.


Breasts are composed of fat and tissue and do not contain any muscles. There is no exercise in the world that can specifically target breasts.

However, exercising the chest muscles, commonly known as the ‘pecs’, can make them appear perkier by elevating them. Push-ups and dumbbell flys are great exercises to work out the pecs.


It is a myth that breastfeeding directly leads to a sag in the breasts. Pregnancy releases hormones that make breasts bigger in size. Once a woman is done nursing, they shrink again.

This deflation coupled with weight loss is what appears as sagging.

Don’t blame the baby!


It is commonly believed that wearing a bra all the time can help keep breasts firm for decades. Nothing could be farther than the truth. Wearing a push-up bra to sleep will play no role in keeping those girls perky.

There is only one kind of bra which is directly beneficial for your breasts: a scientifically designed sports bra. The constant pull of gravity and the bouncing that occurs during exercise or other intense activity speeds up the sagging process.

The right kind of support can work wonders!

Now that you know the science behind the sag, make sure you implement it in daily life.

Avoid gaining excess fat, exercise daily and always wear a sports bra when you do so.
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