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    Activewear You Need to Keep You Warm During a Winter Workout

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    Activewear You Need to Keep You Warm During a Winter Workout

    Are you one of those who doesn’t want to wait until January to start with the New Year’s resolutions? Almost a month and so until New Year, and we've already made a serious commitment to our workout routine.

    Now probably the first thing coming up on your mind is shopping (we know, it’s our favorite holiday sport too), but let’s spend some time talking about a real winter workout this time.

    Getting ourselves to workout is hard enough as it is, and when you add in the freezing temps that increases tenfold. On the other hand, tables are never as full of food as they are during this time of the year, so it can be pretty challenging to keep up with the calorie-burning style.

    To be honest, the fact that most of the gyms are significantly less crowded at this time of year, is a huge bonus and an extra reason to strengthen the motivation.

    As you adjust to the bone-chilling temps, limited daylight, blustering winds, and slushy mixes that can leave you a shivering, sopping-wet mess post-run, your workout gear needs to change, too.

    Whether it's a yoga class, cycling, or full fitness outdoors workout, during the winter you need performance pieces which are different than the activewear you relied on in the spring or summer.
    Here’s how to dress for a winter workout:

    Top Layers

    Whether you are hitting boot camp in haste before work or joining a nighttime running group, wearing warm top layer is crucial until your muscles warm up. Layer up with jacket, long sleeve top, and vest underneath it for an extra layer of heat and protection, so you can always lose a layer and tie it around your waist as the run goes on.

    When the coldest temperatures hit, don’t hesitate to get yourself a jacket with thumb loops in order to keep your hands warm if you don’t prefer wearing gloves.

    Opt for a lightweight hat to keep your head warm at the start of your run, and a scarf to cover your mouth and warm the air you breathe.

    Bottom Layers:

    You might think that sweatpants are the warmest option when it comes to a winter workout, but actually a bottom layer with a closer fit is a better solution. The reason why sweatpants aren’t recommended for this kind of activity is because of the cold air that can travel up into jogging bottoms easily, and also because of their lack of wind resistance, as well as moisture retention characteristics that can lead to chafing. 

    Invest in full length leggings made from special fabrics (polyester blend will fit snugly against your skin, providing climate control) which will shield you from the super cold weather.

    Pro tip: Layer a pair of shorts over your leggings for an extra level of protection!



    The perfect socks will keep your feet dry and warm. Skip synthetic materials and go for woolen ones instead, but don’t forget to loosen the laces of your trainers for a more comfortable workout.

    Running outside can be a real trouble when the weather gets super wet or icy. But if you invest in water resistant uppers and spikes for your trainers, there’s nothing to worry about!





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