Handy Ways to Repurpose Old Leggings

Once you stretch out and wear out your leggings or yoga pants they’re pretty much useless and usually end up in the landfill . . . are they? If you wore your leggings often, then you've probably noticed that they wear out pretty quickly, yet it seems like a waste to just toss them out. Why throwing your tights, leggings, or yoga pants away in the trash when you can get artsy and upcycle them instead? Most leggings are made of synthetic fabrics which can’t be composted, so microfibers are often released into the water causing harm to marine life...

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Genius Hacks for Quick Fixing Your Activewear

It's no secret that we all like shortcuts, so when it comes to alterations, we would rather rely on a quick fixing, instead of paying a visit to a tailor. Whether you've gotten the wrong size or accidentally ripped a few threads you thought were gonna retire your activewear, make no fuss. Don't worry about ruining your favorite sports bra, comfortable leggings, your must-have sneakers or your cozy hoodie because you can DIY them just by using the help of a few tools you may already have on hand. Have these tips and tricks in mind so you could always...

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