What's The Difference Between Yoga Pants And Leggings?

Whether you’re going for a run, to the gym, or at a yoga class, you wear them all the time. Leggings/yoga pants have become much more than just an activewear piece, and with so many choices available nowadays you can easily find fashionable items that you can wear to different events and activities.

So many new designs have hit the market recently that many of you probably don’t even have an idea what’s the difference between yoga pants and leggings, and if there is any.

Seems like they all look pretty much the same, just soft tight leg-wear that you can wear from a quick grocery shopping to a friends gathering in your favorite coffee bar …? Well that’s not really the case.

Here are the differences between leggings and yoga pants that you should know so you could wear the right ones when you need to. 

1. The People Who Wear Them

Yoga enthusiasts are the most common users of yoga pants since they enable free movement, bending, and changing body positions easier than any other workout pants.

Leggings are more common among dancers who wear them to help perform different dancing moves without any difficulties.

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2. Their Physical Properties

Soft and elastic leggings come in various qualities, and depending on the fabric they’re made from - they can be thin (slightly thicker than tights), or 100% cotton, and sometimes even fleece which are warmer and softer than the previous two.

Those who want to make sure that their pants will never fall down while in a downward dog or any other position prefer the yoga pants over leggings, even as a casual wear. This is because the thickness and stretchable waistbands that are characteristic for yoga pants hold body parts in place while practicing yoga or performing any other activity.

3. Shape and Color of Yoga Pants and Leggings

Yoga pants can be easily differentiated from leggings for having a bell-bottomed shape which helps them remain tight around the thigh while also being open at the bottom. They can both cover the entire legs down to the ankle, but it is more common for the leggings.

When yoga pants appeared for the first time they were available in the traditionally known black color, but the recent trends have shown that different cuts and designs are possible bearing unique prints, and beautiful designs in different colors.

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4. Flexibility and Comfort

Wearing the right leggings means comfort and free movement, especially if they’re of the highest possible quality, however they are more suitable for lounging in the comfort of our home, while the yoga pants are specifically created for practicing yoga and exercising comfortably because of the flexibility and their stretchable waistband. 

5. Transparency of Leggings and Yoga Pants

Leggings are more on the transparent side compared to yoga pants which can be worn without using other clothes for cover as they are not see-through or whatsoever. 


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