Yoga Poses for Beginners | 8 Essential Asanas to Get You Started

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2019-01-07 12:42:06 +1100

Whatever your age, your weight, or what religion you practice, yoga is one of the best ways to stay healthy, look good, and feel great. But, if you're new to yoga, you may need a comprehensive guide to answer all of your questions about the basic yoga asanas so you can know where to start. There are so many reasons to do yoga. It’s a practice that is not just the ultimate physical exercise for improving posture, balance, and flexibility, but a discipline that will make you feel de-stressed, relaxed, healthy and more energized. The cool thing is that it...

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What's The Difference Between Yoga Pants And Leggings?

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2018-07-02 20:53:19 +1000

Whether you’re going for a run, to the gym, or at a yoga class, you wear them all the time. Leggings/yoga pants have become much more than just an activewear piece, and with so many choices available nowadays you can easily find fashionable items that you can wear to different events and activities. So many new designs have hit the market recently that many of you probably don’t even have an idea what’s the difference between yoga pants and leggings, and if there is any. Seems like they all look pretty much the same, just soft tight leg-wear that you...

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Outfit Ideas: How to Style Your Leggings

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2018-06-11 19:02:51 +1000

The idea of hitting the gym after running errands, hanging out with your friends, or even before work might have sounded like a crazy idea years ago, I mean, how come are you going to wear your activewear to the office? Most office jobs require strict dress codes, either formal or informal, making the whole concept of wearing yoga leggings to work almost impossible. But luckily this isn't a daunting task last few years, as designers have stepped up their game to create workout clothes that you can actually wear whenever and wherever you want and look stylish and put...

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What to Wear When You Workout

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2018-04-09 20:00:27 +1000

If the first thing coming on your mind when you think of working out is: feeling exhausted, tired, sweaty, and sore after exercising, you probably need solid motivation that will make a difference in how you feel after a workout. It’s true that motivation plays a big part in your great working out results, but don’t underestimate the activewear you have on while in the gym or at your yoga class. Wondering what to wear when you work out? Choosing workout clothes that are comfortable, wick away sweat, display movements clearly, and protect sensitive skin do matter. Or how we...

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8 Reasons to Practice Yoga

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2018-03-13 15:43:25 +1100

You must already know the perks of regularly hitting the mat, yet many of you still aren't prone to pose in a Downward Dog in favor of boosting health and happiness. Yoga can do so much more than burning calories and toning muscles. It is a total mind-body exercise that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. On a physical level, yoga improves strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. On an energetic level, yoga can help you cope better with stress by cultivating a sense of ease. Related: 10 BEST YOGA PANTSStress relief, inner peace, improved immunity,...

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