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    Outfit Ideas: How to Style Your Leggings

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    Outfit Ideas: How to Style Your Leggings

    The idea of hitting the gym after running errands, hanging out with your friends, or even before work might have sounded like a crazy idea years ago, I mean, how come are you going to wear your activewear to the office? Most office jobs require strict dress codes, either formal or informal, making the whole concept of wearing yoga leggings to work almost impossible.

    But luckily this isn't a daunting task last few years, as designers have stepped up their game to create workout clothes that you can actually wear whenever and wherever you want and look stylish and put together at any time. It’s a modern way of maximizing your wardrobe and saving your precious time, so you don't have to do a total change of your outfit before or after the yoga class or gym session; but also an ideal way to stay perfectly comfortable.

    Think about how great it would be to wear your cozy, soft, flexible activewear while at work and not be itching to get home and put your sweats on? Comfort is undoubtedly a priority for modern women and It girls have stepped out in a slew of cute outfits with leggings lately.

    Sometimes it might be hard to figure out how to wear workout tights in a manner that is not just comfortable, but also stylish and flattering, another times you simply don’t have any idea how to style your leggings with the other elements of your outfit to pull off a trendy look.

    If that’s the case with you, check out these 10 outfit ideas you can steal to wear your leggings out of the gym this season. You will appreciate the tips on pairing them with all the different kinds of shirts and blouses, at the same time helping you pick the ideal footwear, and other stuff to sport with this great bottom-wear. We’ll show you what to wear with these cool booty leggings so you can put together fashionable leggings outfit that will take you almost anywhere you want to go.

    So if you’ve ever had any doubts about styling leggings right, or just want to update your wardrobe with buttery soft leggings, make sure you read this entire post. You can also take some of these flattering leggings and mix and match them with classic pieces you already have in the closet. Enjoy!

    1. Throw an Oversize Denim Jacket over a Sports Bra

    These American flag leggings are available at Gearbunch in few different colors for unique July 1 outfits for all those fashionista gals who want to look fabulous and proudly-american next month.

    We chose the yellow leggings to pair them with a top in the same color and a denim jacket to balance everything out. The brown backpack is essential for this lovely “too cool for school” outfit. If you aren’t comfortable in a bra top like this, try a longer crop top or even a regular T-shirt. Put on your favorite black or white sneakers, and you are all set.

    2. Pair Your Realistic Jeans Leggings with a Blazer

    If you work in a more casual office environment with a relaxed dress code, and you like the sporty look, you’ll love the jean leggings combined with a classic blazer. Add your favorite workout shirt, along with a pair of high top sneakers and you will soon have one of your favorite business casual outfits. 

    These fun leggings are designed for working out — but also look exactly like jeans leaving you with that “I’m not trying too hard” vibe that can even be a preppy look for weekends if that’s your thing.

    3. How to Dress Up Your Leggings

    Pairing your purple leggings with a romantic white shirt is one of the simplest ways to pull them off. This look can go casual or slightly dressy, depending on the bag, shoes and accessories. The outfit works with heeled sandals or flats – especially pearl mules or chains sandals.

    We are obsessed with anything pearled, and adding this lovely purse is the best thing you can do for this feminine yet casual assemble. I mean where can’t you wear this easy, chic look? 


    4. Don't Be Afraid to Incorporate Color

    When you need a comfy outfit in a flash, you can’t go wrong with a unique blouse, leggings and sneakers. Pink leggings are IN this season, and adding a pair of fun tights can always make the outfit feel more special.

    These lucky cat leggings are an awesome addition for those who want to play with the ‘meow’ factor whether that be at the gym or in a favorite coffee bar with the friends. Some of our favorite ways to wear them include grey and neutral tones when you want to look polished and classic. 

    5. Dress Casually in Navy Blue Leggings and Loafers

    This is another great option if you are on the preppy side, but you want to look real casual. If you want to add something special to a look, go for a bold colored shirt, as that always makes an outfit unique.

    This look with printed leggings on bottom paired with ultra trendy loafers can look very cool with a structured trench coat during the cooler days. Did we mention that we love pairing navy blue leggings with black? A backpack in black color is a must for this effortlessly casual combo.


    6. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Leggings)

    If you have bottoms that stand out on their own like these elephant leggings, you can pair them with a printed shirt but keep the rest of the outfit pretty minimal.

    We talk simple striped crop top in neutral colors, very special bag with an interesting furry handle detail, and black mules or shoes in similar color palette. You can even add blazer on top to achieve more stylish and sophisticated look.


    7. Pair Your Leggings with a Button-down Shirt

    Take your Bright White Mermaid Leggings beyond the gym with a short sleeve shirt, fringe leather bag and sleek shoes is white color. We love a classic stripped shirt and this one has a nice sleeve detail. Cute right?

    If you’re going for a sophisticated casual look, you’ll love the look of mermaid leggings and blue button down shirt with a twist. Opt for a pair of cute sandals and you are all ready to pretty much own the room.

    8. Sneakers to Add an Effortless, Comfy Vibe 

    If you were wondering what shoes to wear with leggings, we say sneakers are always a win-win, whether that’s a pair of simple trainers you wear every day, or bold ones that will get all eyes on you.

    We choose the latter for this Day of the Dead inspired look in dominant navy blue and orange color. The eye-catching silver sneakers create an eclectic vibe emphasizing the uniqueness of these sugar skull orange leggings.

    9. Go for a Classic Look by Wearing Neutrals

    Womens black leggings never go out of style, but spring/summer season is begging for playful and more colorful looks. Neutrals are a great idea when you want to look polished and classic.

    Floral leggings pair well with other neutrals, and this combo provides a girly look but with a touch of trend with these soft leggings. The perfect outfit when you want to show off without being too loud all over.


    10. Get Lucky in Three Steps

    You might be cool, but are you St. Patrick's Day leggings on a regular day cool? Our favorite shamrock leggings pair well with long shirts and everyday apparel that you already have in your closet. If you want to know what kind of long shirts to wear with leggings check out this link.

    Be as spontaneous as possible because you are lucky to wear military green that goes well with almost any color. We chose a gray tee with a cool print to keep the things even more exciting.


    Did this post answered a few of your question on what to wear with tights and how to style your leggings? For more styling tips, check out 5 Foolproof Ways to Wear Leggings for your inspiration.

    Need more outfit ideas with your favorite Gearbunch printed leggings for women? Let us know in the comment section below for a chance to be featured in our next blog post.

    In meantime check out these workout leggings cheap and affordable, one-of-a-kind, and all-over printed. Sounds like the perfect pair of leggings, isn't it? We work with some of the industry's top designers and the best printers in the business to provide products that are fashion forward, top quality and budget-friendly.



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