Stylish Halloween Outfits That Are Not Costumes

Halloween is that special time of the year when all fashion rules are thrown out of the window, and you can mix things up without any sartorial doubts. 31 October is all about funky outfits, glitzy pumpkins, fun, and festive costumes. When it comes to seasonal fashion, Halloween themed clothing is just the beginning. There are options for everybody, whether you choose to wear a costume, or simply opt for something subtle which is Halloween inspired.  If you'd rather leave Halloween costumes to the kids, but you still want to approach the festive season with a cheery blithe, we have...

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Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas to Make the Day of Love Even Lovelier

Say “Be mine” to drop-dead gorgeous Valentine's Day outfit ideas! February 14th is a little over one week away, and you know what that means — it’s time for reviving your hot pink and cherry red ensembles to embrace Valentines casual daytime or date night looks. Staying in for a cozy night with your boo or romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant? Catching a movie with your gals or a big night out to celebrate being single with your girl gang? There isn’t one right way to do V-Day. Regardless of your Valentine's Day plans for this year, make sure that...

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Perfect Bike Shorts for Summer | 8 Ways to Wear the Yoga Shorts Trend

Yoga shorts are taking center stage at fashion weeks all over the world! These figure-hugging bottoms featured heavily on spring/summer 2018 catwalks have become rather popular in clothing trends lately because of few reasons. They are comfortable, classy, and chic. Wearing yoga pants in the summer is not the smartest solution. They can make you sweat where you don’t want to. That’s why yoga shorts work well for exercise as a comfortable garment which is flexible enough to be worn during your yoga class. Yoga Pants vs. Yoga Shorts Choosing the right clothing when practicing yoga can make a world...

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Outfit Ideas: How to Style Your Leggings

The idea of hitting the gym after running errands, hanging out with your friends, or even before work might have sounded like a crazy idea years ago, I mean, how come are you going to wear your activewear to the office? Most office jobs require strict dress codes, either formal or informal, making the whole concept of wearing yoga leggings to work almost impossible. But luckily this isn't a daunting task last few years, as designers have stepped up their game to create workout clothes that you can actually wear whenever and wherever you want and look stylish and put...

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5 Foolproof Ways to Wear Leggings

Even though they are not pants in the classic sense, a pair of leggings is the go-to wardrobe staple which has been around for centuries. While we confute the idea that comfy leggings shouldn’t be worn as pants, the grand question on what ways to wear leggings remains. Even though they have come a long way and took many forms, some of us still make amateur mistakes when pairing leggings. You probably have already a stack of Gearbunch leggings in your closet that can’t wait to be paired with the rest of your wardrobe in new ways. That's where we...

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