Top 5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Gym

Finding the right gym that fits your own unique personality, and motivates you to return again and again is an important decision that requires a bit of a research, whether that be asking your friends for recommendations, reading online reviews, or set up a tour and ask for a free day pass so you can try out their equipment, classes, and other amenities firsthand.

But before you spend so much time on figuring out which one is right for you and which one provides what you need, take some time to find the key criteria you should consider before you sign a long-term contract.

Keep these 5 aspects in mind and know what you are looking for as you begin your search:


Think about when you are likely to exercise and consider a gym that is closer to where you live (or work). 

If you plan to work out in the mornings or on weekends, choose a gym close to your home. If you'd rather exercise during a lunch break or after work, a gym near your office may be a better fit.

If driving to the gym becomes a hassle, it will also become your first excuse to skip a workout. And nobody needs that . . . 



Let’s say you want to work out before work, but the doors to the gym opens at 9 am, it's not going to do you much good. 

Whether you are working out early in the morning or late at night, it’s very important the gym to stay open during the hours you’ll use it most, because once you are paying for a membership, their hours of operation should fit your workout schedule.

The best choice would be a gym that works 24/7. That way you’ll be comfortable go get in a workout any moment without being pushed for time. 


When it comes down to the price, if a gym doesn’t fit into your budget, don't do it.

Now don’t get us wrong, if they offer top of the line equipment, and they have very experienced teachers, with a wide variety of classes, spending a little extra money is something you can consider, but don't go broke because of it. 

Many gyms offer promotions during certain times of the year. Tour different facilities to make sure they meet your expectations for the price.


Gyms are hotbed of germs, and keeping things clean takes more than just swabbing down the floors. Employees must wipe down machines throughout the day, but visitors have to wipe down everything after use too.

Check for things like spray bottles for wiping equipment down after use, as well as fresh towels available for people to use while they are working out.

Another point of focus should be the bathroom and the locker room. Having clean towels in a fresh smelling locker room, and bathroom which isn’t dingy are both good signs.



When looking for a gym, make sure you take a good look around and check your desired equipment and if it’s clean, in good working condition and set up conveniently. Look for the "popular" machines you want to use to be in good working condition, and check if members have to wait in line to use them. Nothing frustrates more than going to the gym to hit a certain body part and realize that a piece you always use is broken.

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