The Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

Why You Must Add Aerobics to Your Routine

In order to kickstart a healthy and active lifestyle, aerobic exercises are the go-to for a majority of people. Studies suggest that 30 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise for five days in a week reduces the risk of chronic diseases and also helps maintain good health.

While performing aerobic activities, one repeatedly moves large muscles of their body which further helps the body respond quickly. Fast and deep breathing maximizes the oxygen in the blood and thus increases the blood flow to muscles.

Here are some perks of aerobic exercises that will compel you to take up aerobics as your everyday physical activity:


  • Enhanced cardiac function –

While performing aerobic exercises the heart receives more blood per beat. This reduces the heart rate in times of relaxation and during the exercise leading to better cardiac function.


  • Weight loss –

Besides strengthening your muscles and heart, aerobic exercise burns calories, in turn helping you shed excess weight. It also contributes immensely to toning your muscles and improving posture.


  • Boosts immune system –

Engaging in aerobic exercises helps lower your cholesterol, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, lowers blood pressure and also improves your immunity system. People who indulge in aerobic exercises regularly are less prone to mild viral infections like cold and flu.


  • Mental health –

Regular aerobic exercise helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. It boosts your mood, increases energy levels and also helps you sleep properly. After a session of aerobic exercise, your mind and body feel a little less tense.


We hope this post inspires you to take up aerobic workouts with a zest. While these are of vital importance, strength training is of vital importance for women too.

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