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    Color Trend | How to Style the Neon Leggings

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    Color Trend | How to Style the Neon Leggings
    Neon leggings are no longer considered the "loud" trend reserved for those who want to be a so-called show off with their outfit.

    Are you brave enough to rock the neon leggings color trend? Maybe you're still hesitant? If you have a pair you want to know how to style or if you just want to buy your own so you can put together an awesome outfit you should definitely read on.

    Neon leggings so vibrant they could catch eye before the actual outfit does will be your new favorite this year when you read our complete guide on how to style fluorescent-hued clothes without looking like an acid girl. It’s no wonder why colorful leggings have been popping up quietly for a couple of years now, it’s all about fun, brightness and joyfulness. Just think of lime green, bright blue, hot pink, citron yellow, bold orange, and other delicious shades that dare you to be different and don’t be afraid experimenting with your outfit.

    Now you might say that going from black leggings to styling neon ones isn’t the easiest transition, but we are here to give you a few tips/tricks on how to rock neon bottoms with bottomless confidence.

    Wear Black As Your Neutral

    There are great ways to make neon hues work for you. Our advice is to combine them with neutral colors (black, white or brown) to create a toned down look. Black is the chicest, safest go-with for neon leggings according to us.

    Psychedelic Neon Leggings available at GearBunch 

    Soften It Up 

    Once you know how to handle neon leggings, it’s time to mix them up with different vibrant colors to create a really bold look. Pair these Psychedelic Neon Rave Leggings with your baby pink shirt and a pair of white sneakers as a way to make a statement without drawing too much attention to (or from) the actual color palette itself.

    Psychedelic Neon Rave Leggings available at GearBunch


    Minimalism Is Always IN

    You can color block by choosing a neon that is across from the color wheel or adjacent to the color scheme of your leggings. Another safe option is to go for a white top. For cooler days or nights pair your Vertical Neon Stripes Leggings with a white cardigan or white jean jacket.

    Vertical Neon Stripes Leggings available at GearBunch


    Brighten Up on the Bottom

    Just not top to bottom. Style these Bright Neon Rave Leggings with sleek button down shirt in blue color and clean-cut blazer. A pair of black sneakers will add a casual vibe making this outfit suitable for a quick switch from “gym mood” to “coffee with friends-ready”.

    Bright Neon Rave Leggings available at Gear Bunch


    More Prints = More Fun 

    Blue striped top will instantly freshen up your Psychedelic Neon Paint Leggings. Let us prove you that not only they are perfect to wear to the gym, but they can also be an awesome addition to your festival look, going to the club, or out and about outfits.

    Psychedelic Neon Paint  Leggings available at Gear Bunch



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