4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid in the Gym

Sometimes, Just Dedication Isn’t Enough

Even if you’re among the most fitness-conscious people in your social network and work-out 6 times a week, you can seriously harm your progress if you aren’t doing it right. Below are four common gym mistakes that everyone from the rookies to the gym-rats make. How many are you guilty of?

Forgetting H2O

There is no disputing the fact that you MUST drink moderate amounts of water before, during and after a workout. Many of us are guilty of forgetting our bottle at home and drinking from the gym fountain. This usually reduces the amount of water you consume and wastes time between sets.

Cardio before weights

Both cardiovascular and strength training exercises are equally important for men and women. If you’re doing both on the same day, you must schedule them in such a way that you don’t tire yourself out. Doing three sets of heavy squats after 30 mins of running is an invitation to poor form and injuries.

Repetitive routine

Going through the same repetitive routine every single time is a quick way to get bored and stall any results. Your workout routine should change every few weeks either by alternating the exercises or the acute variables like sets, reps, and rest times.

Pumping without planning

Walking into the gym without a plan in mind is a bit like heading to the grocery store without a shopping list. You’ll end up wandering aimlessly back and forth, spending way more time than necessary.

Your plan of attack should be well thought out in advance. Include the exercises, sets, and reps as well as the order you want to do them in so you can plan your route around the weight room floor.

The next time you hit the gym, keep a mental note of these pitfalls.

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