The Best Travel Leggings

There’s nothing worse than stiff, tight bottoms that squeeze your thighs as you sit stuffed into a tiny airplane seat. Not only that you’ll feel uncomfortable as you are sitting for a long time, but also pants that are too tight, can cause a risk of getting Deep Vein Thrombosis.

A little spandex can go a long way when it comes to both comfy and functional travel attire. You’re probably going to sit for hours and you need to make sure you have your soft, comfy travel leggings that have some good stretch to them while on the airplane.
With funky prints like sugar skulls, animal themed, or any other colorful vibrant leggings option, some of these will definitely provide you with more comfort than your regular pair of jeans, and you will look cute and stylish too. They're easy to pull on, lightweight, multi-seasonal, and versatile travel pants that go with almost everything.
Whether you choose to wear them with a long top, tunic or a dress, they seem to be the most flattering thing to wear, especially on long flights. They’re soft, flexible and the ideal pair will wick away moisture and let your legs breathe easily.

Here, we've rounded up 10 pairs of chic stretchy travel leggings that any traveler will want in their carry-on this holiday season.

Realistic Jeans Leggings available at GearBunch

Loving the good old jeans for any occasion, but when it comes to pants for travel, you would rather choose comfort? We have the perfect tights for you! The realistic jeans leggings allow for free movement, and are one of the most versatile pant options you can wear with your favorite tunic or tee. 


Blue Floral Skulls Leggings available at GearBunch

These Day of the Dead yoga pants make an awesome travel pants for flying, and can serve you on active travel days like after a long day of sightseeing, or for lounging in your hotel room.


Watercolor Om Leggings available at GearBunch

They're cute, colorful, and you can always take a long walk through a new city, while feeling comfortable wearing them. You will soon become obsessed with the super flattering feel of these Hindu inspired leggings.


American Football  Leggings available at GearBunch

Style your American Football Leggings with black booties, simple white t-shirt, and a big bomber, and they’ll appear no different from a legitimate pair of motorcycle pants. You will look stylish, but feel seriously comfortable for the entire flight too.


Solid Charcoal Grey Leggings available at GearBunch

Whether you want to dress the look up or down, black leggings are the must have piece in every wardrobe. They are so versatile, they go with everything and get ready to go everywhere in them!


Japanese Cherry Blossom Leggings available at Gear Bunch

Raise your hand if you’re the type to snuggle up and fall asleep right after boarding the plane! In this case we have the best travel leggings to keep it cozy in. Complement the light and comfy feeling with a classic sweatshirt and an oversized lightweight jacket.


Yellow Honeycomb Carbon Leggings available at Gear Bunch

Keep things interesting with a pop of color. The bold yellow contrasted against the dark hues keep things trendy and fun at the same time.


Giraffe & Leopard Skin Leggings available at Gear Bunch

With so many wild patterns available for leggings, the Giraffe & Leopard Skin ones are definitely at the top of our ‘uniquely designed leggings’ list.


Grey Heathered Thigh High Bow Tie Leggings available at Gear Bunch

Stay sweet and feminine in these workout pants that are fabulous for flying. With a snugly waistband and soft breathable fabric, these will make your flight a whole lot cozier.


Realistic Skeleton  Leggings available at Gear Bunch

Let not only your luggage go through the security X-ray scanning system in these fun Realistic Skeleton Leggings.


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