A sassy label, that's how we roll!

We are wondering if you ever checked the label on your Gearbunchies. Yeah.... go ahead, grab them and check it out. We love to be creative, therefor we created a new label last month that is currently being sewed in all our leggings.  This new label has a "one-liner" on it made up by our lead designer. When he came with the idea for the label we all agreed. This is definitely gonna be the new text on them! "Gearbunch - We've got your ass covered" We are wondering what you think of our new label. Maybe you can see...

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Can't wear leggings as pants?

Really? Are you kidding me? If big celebs dare to wear them as a fashion item, why can't you? Let's face it... Leggings are hot (especially our ones, but maybe I am a little biased ;)) More and more people wear their leggings "out in the open" instead of only in the gym or in yoga class. To prove this to you, we made a little line-up of celebs who rock their leggings as pants: Now If Beyonce could rock these prints, why can't you? Just combine them with a great jacket or an awesome top and you are ready...

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And so it begins.... The birth of the GearBunch Blog!

Yep that's right... we are starting a blog.... You might ask yourself "why"? Well, the answer is simple: we love our gear and we love our customers. We could e-mail you every new thing we do, but we hate spam as much as you do. For this sole reason we decided to update you guys with a blog. This way you can choose to either read it or not. Totally up to you :) I would however Keep your eyes on this blog from time to time. Since who knows... There might be some great discounts in our articles (yep,...

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