And so it begins.... The birth of the GearBunch Blog!

Yep that's right... we are starting a blog....

You might ask yourself "why"? Well, the answer is simple: we love our gear and we love our customers. We could e-mail you every new thing we do, but we hate spam as much as you do.

For this sole reason we decided to update you guys with a blog. This way you can choose to either read it or not. Totally up to you :)

I would however Keep your eyes on this blog from time to time. Since who knows... There might be some great discounts in our articles (yep, that's a hint ;) ).

So what are we gonna blog about. Phew... where to start?

We have such a great team at GearBunch and we are working on such exciting stuff right now, that it is impossible to list that all here, but these topics will definitely be covered"

  • New leggings / collection updates
  • Interviews with buyers
  • Some good promotional deals
  • Some fashion advice for wearing our gear
  • Product updates (sneak peak: we are working on running shoes right now).
  • Some questionnaires for you guys (we value your opinion a lot)
  • Much Much more

We are ready. We are ready to give you the best blog in the history of time of whatever ;)

For now.... This little intro blog will do. Next up is a pretty cool interview with one of our Brand Ambassadors. 

Stay tuned and enjoy the best blog in the history of time of whatever!