Can't wear leggings as pants?

Really? Are you kidding me? If big celebs dare to wear them as a fashion item, why can't you?

Let's face it... Leggings are hot (especially our ones, but maybe I am a little biased ;))

More and more people wear their leggings "out in the open" instead of only in the gym or in yoga class. To prove this to you, we made a little line-up of celebs who rock their leggings as pants:

Now If Beyonce could rock these prints, why can't you? Just combine them with a great jacket or an awesome top and you are ready to hit the streets.

Rihanna wears some pretty vibrant ones and you can tell for yourself that she wears them pretty well. I think she would look stunning in our Pink Sugar Skull leggings... oh well... maybe one day.

Miranda Kerr wears a pretty blue item. Once again I will let you be the judge if she wears them well (hint: the answer is yes).

Vanessa Hudgens chose a Leopard printed pair. I think she needs to buy new shoes if these hurt that much though...

Doesn't Whitney Port look super stylish with this pair? She combined them very well with the bag and the top.

Ah the lovely Kendall Jenner. What a smart idea to combine a pretty busy print with a plain top and shoes.

Hillary Duff also chose a Leopard print.... what is it celebs and leopard prints?

Allesandra Ambrosio wears a pretty daring red polka dot in this picture. Yep, in our opinion whe can definitely rock the red :) 

Michelle Keegan Combines it her striped print with some sporty mint colored kicks. Lovely.... just lovely.

Still think you can't wear leggings as a fashion item?

I think you have been proven wrong by this article, right? The only thing that all the celebs did not do well is buy the correct brand ;)

hmmmm... Maybe we should just shoot them a message if they would like one of our items.