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    A sassy label, that's how we roll!

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    A sassy label, that's how we roll!

    We are wondering if you ever checked the label on your Gearbunchies.

    Yeah.... go ahead, grab them and check it out.

    We love to be creative, therefor we created a new label last month that is currently being sewed in all our leggings. 

    This new label has a "one-liner" on it made up by our lead designer. When he came with the idea for the label we all agreed. This is definitely gonna be the new text on them!

    "Gearbunch - We've got your ass covered"

    We are wondering what you think of our new label. Maybe you can see the humor in it, maybe you are offended by it.

    While it is never our intention to offend you, we do like to create stuff and new ideas that simply create a smile on your face. This is exactly why we created the new sassy label.

    We hope you will see the humor and of course we hope you will love your Gearbunchies.

    Anyway, please know that "we've got your ass covered" ;)

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