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    Fun Facts About Day of the Dead | Sugar Skull Fashion

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    Fun Facts About Day of the Dead | Sugar Skull Fashion

    The traditional Mexican holiday famous for its positive attitude towards death Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is becoming more and more popular outside of Mexico.

    It is held every year from October the 31st to November the 2nd, when friends and family gather to honor their loved ones who are no longer living. Even though the theme is death, this festive and colorful celebration lasting three days is an explosion of life-affirming joy. 

    If you were wondering what is the relation of the skeleton character or skull with the Day of the Dead; is the Day of the Dead related to Halloween, and more here are fun facts about Day of the Dead that should shed some light on one of the most important annual celebrations in Mexico, and plus a selection of sugar skull leggings with stylish Day of the Dead outfit ideas to upgrade your sugar skull fashion look.

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    Día De Los Muertos Has a History Older Than Christmas

    Mesoamerican cultures like the Maya celebrated these annual festivals of death and rebirth, honoring their deceased loved ones and the gods of the great beyond. To many indigenous Americans, death was seen as a continuance of life, and this powerful link between the living and the dead persists at the core of The Day of the Dead. 

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    Graveyards Become Party - Friendly

    Does cemetery hangout sounds weird to you? Well actually Day of the Dead celebrations include visiting of graveyards and spending the night there with your friends and relatives. Bringing pillows and blankets not only for them, but for the visiting souls is not uncommon.

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    Sugar Skulls Are Everywhere

    Sugar skulls are called calaveras de azúcar in Spanish and are another major symbol of Day of the Dead. Created from sugar and decorated with multi-colored icing, sequins and glitter, you can find them sold everywhere during the days before Day of the Dead at every market, supermarket, and altar.

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    You Don’t Have to Go to Mexico to Celebrate

    While images of candied skulls may be most of the times associated with Mexico, you are likely to find people celebrating Día de Muertos in other cities with Mexican influence too.

    Cities like Tucson, Arizona and Santa Ana, California are known for having an annual All Souls' Procession on Día de Muertos, encouraging locals to praise for those who have passed on, and join macabre scenery or parades with painted faces and signs honoring the dead. 

    Moving to another continent: the Spanish culture is known to influence Mexico, but it actually adopted several Mexican traditions, including the Day of the Dead.

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    Recognized by UNESCO

    Did you know that the term “cultural heritage” in UNESCO isn’t limited to monuments or objects only? Living expressions of culture or traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation are included too, and Day of the Dead is not an exception. In 2008, UNESCO added Día de los Muertos to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 



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