Calavera Makeup DIY | Best Sugar Skull Looks for Halloween

Mexico's annual festival "Dia de los muertos" or "Day of the Dead" is a celebration of the lives of those who have passed, and an invitation for them to return to visit for a day. While rooted in Mexican tradition, more recently, Day of the Dead fashion is hitting an all-time popularity high becoming an American pop culture obsession.

Sugar skulls are also an often choice for Halloween, since Day of the Dead starts on the very same day, Oct. 31. If you have some awesome makeup skills, your creation can really excel as part of your Halloween costume. And guess what? You don't need fancy clothing to slay Halloween or Dia de los Muertos. You can impress your friends with your makeup looks thanks to these cool, colorful, easy-to-follow calavera makeup tips.

To help inspire your look, we've got handy calavera makeup DIY tutorials of our most favorite YouTubers.


Elegantly Embellished

Want to achieve more glamorous sugar skull makeup?
Channel your inner calavera princess by recreating this charming Day of the Dead makeup look. YouTuber Vic Brocca gives you a step-by-step tutorial how to pull this look off perfectly by using sparkling flair and neutral colors to perfectly balance it all.

 Instagram: @vicbrocca


Matching Leggings:


If you don’t want to play it safe and would always go with bold color and embellishments, rather than simple color palettes, you should give this look by Diana Quach a try. Pair this makeup with our purple Day of the Dead Leggings to highlight the unique portion of the ensemble.

 Instagram: @dianalequach

Matching Leggings:

Back to Basics

Need a simple black and white Day of the Dead style to suit the Gothic, yet very feminine Sugar Skulls And Roses Leggings? Try this tutorial from YouTuber Roxxsaurus. You'll master the art of deep-set eyes and creepy calavera mouth to create an awesome minimal skull without hours of effort.

 Instagram: @roxxsaurus

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Paled to Perfection

Think outside the box! Get this showstopping Men's Dia de los Muertos makeup look created by Venusocean using the contrasting black and white decorated with interesting red details. Recreating it will definitely make you to be the talk of the party, and don’t forget to plan your outfit accordingly. We suggest one of our best selling Pink Sugar Skull Leggings for an extra dose of sassiness. 

 Instagram: @venusocean

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Super Colorful

We are loving this intricate masterpiece YouTuber Vanessa Davis created. If you like to stand out on Halloween this mermaid inspired sugar skull tutorial will turn your Dia de los Muertos makeup in show-stealing costume. Pair it with our yellow Day of the Dead Leggings to catch attention with your head-to-toe unique look.


Matching Leggings:


Black & White Calavera Makeup Look 

Colorful makeup is not your cup of tee, and you just want to keep your sugar skull looks with the traditional skull colors of black & white? Check out YouTube creator Lynette Tee and save time and effort for the upcoming Halloween party.

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