7 Incredible Benefits of Vitamin E

Include This Magic Vitamin in Your Diet

Vitamin E is found in nuts, grains, plant foods, wheat germ, fruits, and certain oils and is also available as supplements.

It is laden with tons of benefits; it is an antioxidant and a nutrient that encompasses a group of eight compounds that are healthy for our body.

Here are some benefits associated with Vitamin E:


  • Balances Cholesterol –

Tocotrienol isomers present in Vitamin E function as protective antioxidants that fight cholesterol oxidation. It improves the cardiovascular health by reducing the activity of the enzyme that controls the production of cholesterol.


  • Repairs damaged skin –

It strengthens the capillary walls and improves the moisture and elasticity in skin thus acting as a natural anti-aging nutrient. Vitamin E reduces inflammation in the body as well as skin, helping maintain healthy and youthful skin,


  • Fights free radicals –

Free radicals break down the healthy cells in your body which further leads to heart disease and cancer. Vitamin E has powerful antioxidant abilities that reduces free radical damage, fights inflammation and slows down aging.


  • Boosts immunity –

Vitamin E significantly increases immunity and also helps prevent any illness and severe conditions. Alpha-tocotrienol, gamma – tocotrienol and also delta-tocotrienol which play a great role in enhancing immunity.


  • Thickens hair –

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which reduces the environmental damage caused to your hair. It promotes blood circulation in the scalp.

Vitamin E oil retains the natural moisture in the scalp and reduces dryness and flakes thus making hair thicker.


  • Balances hormone –

Some symptoms of hormonal imbalance include weight gain, PMS, allergies, urinary tract infections, anxiety and fatigue. Vitamin E balances your endocrine and nervous systems.


  • Improves vision –

It helps decrease the risk of age-related macular degeneration which causes blindness. Intake of Vitamin E along with Vitamin A on a regular basis helps improve vision and healing after eye surgeries.


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