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    3 Fun Activities to Get Super-fit for Valentine’s Day

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    3 Fun Activities to Get Super-fit for Valentine’s Day

    Do it the Fun Way!

    The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun and you wouldn’t want to look unfit on your date.

    Try out these sexy fitness workouts and slip into your little black dress looking more stunning than ever.


    Fitness pole dance

    You’ve seen it in Hollywood movies, where a sexy lass struts in her stilettoes and dances with a pole seductively while men ogle at her.

    Though pole dancing has always been portrayed as a sleazy act in movies, it has taken a U-turn nowadays.

    Many are taking it up for its fitness benefits and for the added fun of those dance moves that come with it. 


    Belly dance fitness

    The sultry pelvic movements, the swiveling hips and the rhythmic belly movements, all makeup for a visual treat; now add the fact that it could also help you shape-up, and you have a fitness workout that is both fun and sensuous.

    Belly dance, which originated in middle-eastern countries, has enthralled the world with its dance moves and melodious songs and its usage in pop culture and movies has further enhanced its popularity.


    Strip aerobics

    Now that’s a workout that stirs up quite a few images in your head. Move over the tried and tested aerobics and try out its racier version, strip aerobics.

    The exercises differ slightly than traditional aerobics and involve floor workouts, sexy moves and lots of sweat and fun.

    The participants don’t really strip down to their basics. They wear layers on top of their gym wear and take them off to the music while they workout.

    The idea is to learn moves similar to a striptease and get fit while doing it but not strip completely in the class. 


    Go on! Experiment with these workouts and super-fit in time.

    If you prefer conventional workouts over these, go for resistance training.

    All of the activities listed above will be enhanced further when you are wearing sexy, printed leggings.

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