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    What Love Does to Your Heart and Brain….

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    What Love Does to Your Heart and Brain….

    Love Deciphered for the Nerds

    Love is called a drug for certain reasons, when one falls in love the brain starts releasing a mixture of chemicals that give birth to feelings of pleasure, comfort and euphoria.

    When you fall in love, a whole host of changes takes place in your brain and body which creates all the passion and madness.


    Falling in love causes a major hormone rush in the brain, hormones like oxytocin – the love hormone, dopamine – the pleasure hormone, norepinephrine – the hormone that makes us feel infatuated and sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone are released.

    This invasion of hormones plays a great role in intensifying the feelings of excitement, attraction, and euphoria.


    When you catch a sight of your crush or your partner your heart starts racing, that’s because of the adrenaline rush in your body. Love and attraction can activate the opioid system in the brain which is a part of the brain that is involved in liking something.


    Studies say that passionate love is linked with intense changes in attention and reduced cognitive control which means that an individual in love has lesser ability to control their attention.

    When we start liking someone we want to spend time with them, be with them every minute and by now the brain decides that love is essential and starts craving for more.


    When we like someone we often look at their positive side and overlook all their flaws. Amygdala is a set of neurons located in our brain that helps us making judgments, recognizing dangerous situations and deciphering when somebody lies to us, but when in love the amygdale stops functioning that is what causes overlooking the flaws.


    Falling in love makes people feel more energetic, focused, motivated and optimistic which are all positive for an individual’s health.


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