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    The Diet after Easter: How to Beat Post-Holiday Weight Gain

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    The Diet after Easter: How to Beat Post-Holiday Weight Gain

    Easter is that time of the year reserved for lovely moments spent with families and lots and lots of chocolate.

    With piles of chocolate bunnies still sitting around in your home (along with couple of extra kilos to go with it) after Easter; this week might be the perfect time to start focusing on healthy diet. While it’s fine to treat yourself once in a while, balanced eating is crucial if you want to stay at a healthy weight.

    If your Easter chocolate binge made you think about a serious dent in your recent calorie intake in order to negate at least some weight gain, here are five simple steps on how to cancel out those excess Easter calories and beat post-holiday weight gain.

    Drink Water

    Water is the most effective detox rejuvenator that is more powerful than all other fussy or expensive so-called detox beverages. It is hugely beneficial for weight loss, it is natural appetite suppressor, and it can help your body metabolize fat. Water will not only make you feel full, but will also carry important nutrients to your cells, aiding digestion by forming stomach secretions, flushing your body of wastes, and keeping your kidneys healthy. 

    When our kidneys don’t get enough water to function properly, the insufficiency is compensated in a way that the liver takes on the role of eliminating toxins from our systems. Normally liver’s “job” is to metabolize stored fat into a usable form of energy, and given the kidneys’ job as an addition to its main function, it’s not available to metabolize stored fat. Makes sense, right?



    Skip Sodas

    Soft drinks are nothing but empty calories. 

    Fluids will never satisfy your appetite as well as solids would do, and that’s why it’s wiser to take something to chew than gulp when you crave something sweet. If you're very thirsty, always choose water or unsweetened tea instead.
    Not to mention that it contains absolutely zero nutrients, and there are no benefits of drinking soda expect that it might taste good.


    Up Your Protein (A Little)

    Protein fuel your muscles and high-protein diet can help you with weight loss. 

    You must be wondering how is that possible …? Our bodies don’t store protein the way it does fat. Protein is used as an energy source for our muscles. If your diet after Easter contains protein more than carbohydrate, your body will be forced to burn stored fat as a source of fuel, resulting in weight loss and overall improved body composition.
    Just make sure you stick to low-fat proteins like low-fat yogurt, low-fat soy drinks, thin turkey breast slice, or cottage cheese.



    Focus on Low Calorie Foods

    Low-fat diet is an eating plan perfect for those who want to lose weight, especially after a period of overeating high fat and high sugar chocolate.
    It’s a healthy approach that will give you all the nutritions needed leaving you in good health, helping you ward off serious medical conditions, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, premature joint disease, heart disease, and cancer.
    Not only that you will lower the risk for these diseases, but the many other benefits of cutting calories include improved quality of life and daily functioning in general.



    While this is not a strictly healthy diet step it shouldn’t be left out! Never underestimate the importance of regular workout. 

    Regular exercise is crucial for fast metabolism and burning more calories per day, helping you achieve optimum health and fitness while maintaining your muscle mass and weight loss.
    The extra calories gained from the Easter indulgemend do not present a threat as long as you burn them off. If you consider that chocolate bunnies contain 600-800 calories each (which is equal to 1 hour of high intensity exercise), you can see how much workout you need after the Easter holiday days.

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