Stylish Halloween Outfits That Are Not Costumes

Halloween is that special time of the year when all fashion rules are thrown out of the window, and you can mix things up without any sartorial doubts. 31 October is all about funky outfits, glitzy pumpkins, fun, and festive costumes. When it comes to seasonal fashion, Halloween themed clothing is just the beginning. There are options for everybody, whether you choose to wear a costume, or simply opt for something subtle which is Halloween inspired.  If you'd rather leave Halloween costumes to the kids, but you still want to approach the festive season with a cheery blithe, we have...

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Stylish Holiday Outfits | How to Pair Your Christmas Leggings

Finding the balance of being festive without going overboard can be challenging when it comes to your stylish holiday outfit, but not anymore ... Dazzle in our chic outfit ideas that will give 'festive' a whole new name this December. Stylish holiday outfits or casual PJs attire? What to wear this Christmas? Choosing between the two can make or break your merry mood depending on your plans and expectations. While people have very different ideas about their holiday look, it’s always fun to pick out at least one Christmas inspired piece, and then build your outfit around it. You don’t...

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8 Tips for Healthy Holiday-Eating

We know healthy eating is not easy during Christmas, but it’s not impossible to enjoy tasty holiday festivities and continue to eat clean. It just takes some time and willingness to practice healthy eating. Holiday food can inspire overindulging if you decide to put your mindset in that kind of mood. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to feel deprived, or eat only boring foods during the most wonderful time of the year. Celebrations may keep the cold winter away, but sweet treats, Christmas food, and rich meals can tax the health and strain the waistline. Substituting unsweetened...

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Holiday Mood: Gift Yourself a Pair of Festive Leggings

Have you made it through your presents list and stuffed your last stocking already? But then, you suddenly realized you’ve forgotten someone? Indulge in the most awesome Christmas leggings this holidays season (because you deserve it). ’Tis the season of giving, but that doesn't mean that you should skip yourself. Self-gifting is a sweet way to treat yourself, especially during the holidays. How many times did it happen to you to purchase an item that was intended to be a gift but you saved it for yourself? Do you agree that you would rather buy things yourself than receive gifts?...

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A Guide to Frightfully Fun and Healthy Halloween Treats

Those who promised friends and family to host the Halloween celebration this year (especially the ones with kids who want to avoid loading them with unnecessary amounts of sugar and additives) are now probably wondering about the healthy food options out there. Being an awesome parent isn’t just about getting jumbo-size bags of Halloween candies and bars loaded with sugar, pesticides, and artificial colors. Not to mention the plastic and the waste, guilt — everywhere. Most kids want to participate in the full Halloween experience because of the bright colors, decorative pumpkins, fun dishes, and festive vibes. The good news...

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