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    Holiday Mood: Gift Yourself a Pair of Festive Leggings

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    Holiday Mood: Gift Yourself a Pair of Festive Leggings

    Have you made it through your presents list and stuffed your last stocking already? But then, you suddenly realized you’ve forgotten someone? Indulge in the most awesome Christmas leggings this holidays season (because you deserve it).

    ’Tis the season of giving, but that doesn't mean that you should skip yourself. Self-gifting is a sweet way to treat yourself, especially during the holidays.

    How many times did it happen to you to purchase an item that was intended to be a gift but you saved it for yourself? Do you agree that you would rather buy things yourself than receive gifts? Because nobody knows you as good as you know yourself!
    Buying gifts for friends, family, and colleagues can be tricky. In fact, even when we’re shopping for others, we use our personal preferences as inspiration when choosing the perfect gift. We usually give gifts we would like to receive ourselves.

    “I hear self-gifting reported as greediness, but there’s really more nuance than that,” says Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist and author of Decoding the New Consumer Mind.

    Splurging on ourselves as a reward for the successful year is the best way to indulge (just a little) with a few gifts for me, myself, and I. Finally, who can shower you with thanks and praise better than yourself? Happy self-gifting!


    1. Our Favorite Ugly Christmas Leggings


    Why it’s our pick: Designed with super soft, yet high-quality sweat-wicking fabric, they mold to your body for the ultimate curve-hugging finish. This fun pair of ugly Christmas leggings is a great way to incorporate prints in a stylishly festive way.


    Reviewers say: "I LOVE your products! The fit, fabric, wearability, and fun factor keep me coming back for more!"- Carolyn K. ★★★★★





    RED UGLY CHRISTMAS LEGGINGS available at GearBunch


    2. Too Cute to Handle


    Why it’s our pick: Santa and Friends Leggings are crafted with comfort and style in mind. Featuring a four-way stretch fabric, and a superelastic waistband which you won't feel even when squatting or sitting down, these bottoms are designed to help you get the best of your time breaking a sweat.


    Reviewers say: "People were literally staring and asking where I got these from"
    - Sylvia D. ★★★★★






    SANTA AND FRIENDS LEGGINGS available at GearBunch


    3. An Absolute Holiday Must-have


    Why it’s our pick: Everyone knows the traditional festive legend about Santa Claus's reindeer pulling a sleigh through the night sky to help Santa deliver gifts to children on Christmas Eve. This awesome piece is a great way to stay festive and comfy during the cold winter season.

    Reviewers say: "So light and easy to wear. I bought 5 items and I love them all!"
    - Joann S. ★★★★★






    SANTA IN THE SKY LEGGINGS available at GearBunch


    4. The Stylish Find Great for Those Who Love Sugar Skull Prints


    Why it’s our pick: These Sugar Skull Leggings will certainly turn heads. The 100% handmade design and the realistic print in vivid colors add sleek effect to this piece for an effortlessly polished finish. They are made with moisture-wicking fabric that dries quickly while keeping you cool and comfortable all day long. The great breathability makes them ideal for yogis, Pilates devotees, fitness enthusiasts, and dancers.

    Reviewers say: "GB has a design for every mood! These are very pretty and feminine; the usual perfect fit"
    - Kimberly F. ★★★★★






     5. The Sexy Leggings That Sculpt and Keep You Comfy


    Why it’s our pick: We love leggings that are equal parts awesome and sassy, and the Santa's Shorts and Fishnet Tights Leggings are our saving grace. You will never want to take them off whether you are lounging around the Christmas tree, not caring about how much you’ve eaten, or watching your favorite Christmas movies on Netflix.


    Reviewers say: "Already purchased two items. Loved them, and will be back for more!"

    - Lisandra R. ★★★★★







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