How to Wear Capris with Confidence

Hopefully you grabbed a few pairs of our favorite capris during the mid summer sale last week! Now that you have them, you may be wondering how to pair them in order to accentuate your body type.

Maybe you’ve heard that capris can make your legs look shorter, but that’s not the case if you wear them according to your body type. Plus when the temperature is pretty hot outside, how else do we stay cool in our cool summer outfits? When styled right, capri pants are ideal for making your legs appear longer and slimmer. Tuck your T-shirt into your pants if you have long waist, or wear mid-thigh tunics if you have wide waist . . . 

Let us introduce you to the best tips on how to wear capris with confidence.

1. Soft Contrasts 

Yoga capri usually hit at the widest part of the calf, so you don’t want them to create high contrast with your skin tone, but almost softly blend in with your skin creating a line less broken-feeling.

Now we don’t say that you should only opt for nude or colors that perfectly match your skin tone, just the similar color range would be awesome. Choose pastels, tan, and light colors if you have pale skin; or navy, olive, and darker shades if you are more on the tanned side; and of course prints and patterns that ideally create the illusion of a softer break.

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2. The More Colorful the Merrier

Another thing to consider when wearing your yoga capris is color. Go for bold colors and prints (they are on-trend right now) if you want to draw attention toward your lower body, finishing everything off with a top in a plain black or white color and cute pointy toe shoes that will surely visually elongate your legs.

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3. Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Since the capris are very casual, flats or any kind of low athletic shoes are a great match. You can even throw on a pair of flip-flops during the hot summer days.

However, if you worry about shortening your leg line, avoid large tennis shoes, ankle boots or clogs. Boots during the cooler days are fine, but they should go past the bottom of the capris

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4. The Best Tops

The most suitable tops to go with capri leggings are short tops. Skip crop tops though if you want to make sure that the proportions between your capri and top are nicely balanced.

The same goes for tunics that go too far below your hip bones. The best choice would be a cute blouse with a waist belt, and even a simple cardigan or a knotted blouse. 


5. Versatile Legwear

Who says you can’t wear capri pants to the office or work? Casual capris can feel more formal when combined with longer button-down shirt and a matching coat or blazer, combined with neutral accessories and minimal jewelry or no jewelry at all.

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