Dog Print Leggings — How to Wear Animal-Themed Clothes

Were you super excited when your friend asked you if you can take care of their dog while they’re on vacation? Or do you already have one or few furry friends who would be happy with the fact that you show them appreciation by wearing dog-themed leggings? Either way, your loyal furry friends will wag their tail happily once you put your favorite dog print leggings on, and proudly wear them as you take them for a walk.

Btw walking your dog does count as exercise, so it’s a great cardio before hitting the gym. Here are the top 5 dog inspired leggings that every serious dog lover should have:

German Shepherd 

With the lack of dog print leggings available on the market, these German Shepherd Leggings will subtly represent your puppy love. Be prepared to get many compliments when you walk your pet! 

Pair them with a black crop top or sports bra, and a long vest in khaki or any other neutral and/or nude color, so you can let the printed German Shepherd dominate in this whole animal-themed situation.




If you are as fond of Labradors just like us then this cute legwear is a must have in your wardrobe. Wear the Labrador Leggings to chill with your dog on the couch or to take him on a nice long walk/run. 

Black always comes in handy when you need to tame too many busy prints and colorful patterns. Of course, you don’t want a tad boring look, so that’s why we are spicing the things up a bit with the most stylish “ugly” sneakers you’ll see nowadays.

LABRADOR LEGGINGS available at GearBunch


Pit Bull Mandala

Pit bulls make excellent companions of people with active lifestyles. They are very dependent on their humans and crave love and attention. Show them the affection they deserve by getting yourself one pair of our awesome Mandala Pit bull Leggings in purple color.

Did we also mention that mandalas are big in the world of yoga enthusiasts this season? This trend will add a little edge to your wardrobe. A hint of navy blue is unexpectedly posh (and relaxed), and will do wonders for your simple black and white outfit.

MANDALA PIT BULL LEGGINGS available at GearBunch


Blue Pit Bull

Are you a proud Pit bull owner? Then you are lucky to be in a company of the most people-oriented breed that tends to love all people, especially children. Give them that love back with these beautifully designed Blue Pit bull Leggings.

We highly recommend styling them with anything denim, dark blue, midnight blue, or navy blue.

BLUE PIT BULL LEGGINGS available at Gear Bunch



Go ahead, walk your Bulldog wearing these "puppies" and you will certainly have many people ask you where did you get your leggings from. We are a huge fan of this breed, so we adorned it in a colorful sugar skull version. 

Denim shirt will work wonders with the Sugar Skull Bulldog Leggings. A pair of sweet ribbon sandals and stylish purse make them the perfect go-to a coffee bar or any other pet-friendly place of your choice.





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