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    8 Keys to Living Longer and Better Life

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    8 Keys to Living Longer and Better Life
    Our genes may give an indication of how long we could live, but the way we live our lives has a big impact on our longevity too.

    As westerners, we want to know how the people who found the elixir of life succeeded to increase their lifespan. Is the fact that they swapped their busy lives for living simply, eating more leafy greens, organic eggs, vegetables, and fish a reason for their exceptional health and well-being?

    Although urbanization has brought opportunity and prosperity to people living in the bigger cities, the increase of city population in metropolitan centers led to a decrease in the quality of life. Cities started to become more crowded, polluted, and vulnerable to terrorist attacks, while property prices became exorbitant. Paradoxically, urban citizens often have a lower standard of living nowadays, compared to the people living in remote parts of the world who seem to have strong, healthy, vivid, and energetic lives. What's the reason for that?

    Read on, and you will find out what are the common lifestyle habits among the world's longest living communities.

    Key #1: Don’t Smoke

    As you may already know ...

    Key #2: Use Exercise As an Elixir of Life

    It’s no secret that physical activity doesn’t only tone up muscles and burn calories, but low-intensity exercise might even be the best way to protect your heart and arteries too.


    Key #3: Dose Up on the Sunshine Vitamin

    Soak up vitamin D during the sunny days following skin safety advice, otherwise, fuel your body with vitamin D by eating fish, mushrooms, and eggs. 


    Key #4: Eat as Nature Intended

    Treasure what farmers’ markets have to offer, and opt for natural, fresh unprocessed foods while shopping in the supermarket. Try to swap red meat for fish, and eat mainly plant-based diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.


    Key #5: Get Enough Shut-eye

    Sacrifice going out or partying with friends for sleeping at least 8 hours every day. A good sleep will allow your body to produce important hormones and will leave you feeling refreshed throughout the day.

    Key #6: Stress Your Mind in Positive Ways

    People who “stress” their brain more often — seem to possess more brain reserves.
    A remarkable discovery during autopsies of 137 people with Alzheimer’s disease found out that the symptoms of a certain group were much milder than they should’ve been. Researchers explain that these patients’ brains weighed more and had more neurons than usual, suggesting that they had brain reserves that allowed them to function more normally for far longer.

    Key #7: Follow Your Unique Life Purpose

    Have a worthwhile, strong sense of purpose and desire to contribute to a greater cause in your life.

    Key #8: Never Stop Learning

    Read as much as you can, use social media wisely, surround yourself with people who you can learn from (even if they have different views).

    “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” — Chinese proverb






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