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    5 Rules of Modern-Day Dating

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    5 Rules of Modern-Day Dating

    Play the Game With Panache

    With transformation pacing faster everyday life and all its aspects too are changing.
    We millennials no longer possess things our parents did when they were our age.

    We prefer virtual games over outdoor games, tablets over computers and Kindles over books.

    With such changing trends and lifestyle habits, the concept of dating and relationships has changed drastically too.

    Here are some modern day dating rules couples and singles must know about.


    • Never check your partner’s phone –

    It’s very rude to check their phone behind their back, in cases where you are seeking any clarity or wanting to see something on their phone, ask them for their phone and browse through it in their presence.


    • Either spilt the bill or take turns to pay the bills –

    This one traditional dating trend has witnessed a great transformation. These days, men do not pay the bills all by themselves, women prefer paying the bills or dividing the amount.


    • If a girl makes the first move, it’s no big deal –

    This is 2018 and women these days are more audacious than ever, they know what they want and when they see it coming their way, they do not shy away from making the first move.


    • Phone calls are a vanishing art –

    People now prefer texts over phone calls, though texting may be the most detached and frosty method of communicating but yes, that’s what millennials like better.


    • You don’t have to comment on everything your partner posts –

    You can obviously comment on their posts if you want to, but do you really find it cool to discuss everything publicly because honestly, nobody is interested in your love life.


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