5 Keys to a Happy Relationship

Relationships: A Continuous Quest

Attraction and bonding might bring two people together but it takes more than a spark for a happy relationship to last.

Every relationship needs efforts, commitment, dedication and of course a lot of love. Some relationships last for ages while some for hardly for a few months, so check out these 5 keys that help a happy relationship last long.


  • Mutual Respect –

A relationship that lacks mutual respect is going to face tough times. Mutual respect means that you’ve admiration for each other; you understand each other as an independent individual and there is respect for each other.


  • Compromise –

There is no ideal relationship in existence, problems are bound to come, fights will happen and there are going to be tons of emotional episodes, but the key to make it through all of this is a compromise.

For the sustenance of a happy relationship, both the partners will have to make compromises in varied conditions.


  • Trust –

This is one of the most essential pillars of a relationship. It takes years to build trust and a second to break it. A healthy relationship is the one where neither of the partners feel the need to hide anything from the other.


  • Friendship –

Couples who are friends first and then lovers go a long way. They are fond of each other and share every single thing with the other one, be it their insecurities, weakness, desires, dreams or even vulnerabilities.


  • Understanding –

Another essential pillar of a happy and healthy relationship is understanding. There is no problem a couple can’t resolve by working as a team.

When each of the partners is able to keep themselves in the other’s shoe the relationship becomes a lot more easy to handle.


We hope this post reinforces your trust in the solidity of relationships.

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