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    4 Tips for Wearing Jeggings

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    4 Tips for Wearing Jeggings

    After taking the fashion world by storm a few years ago, jeggings have made their mark and are definitely here to stay. From your next-door neighbour to Beyoncé, it seems as though everyone has managed to sport this look at some time or another. And when you see how comfortable and stylish they are its easy to see why they continue to be so popular!

    So, when you get your next pair of jeggings, just use these tips to make sure you look super awesome.


    1. Pick the style that works for you

    Whether you prefer a skinny spandex style or a more classic denim finish, there are a pair of jeggings out there for you! Consider whether you prefer them on the skin-tight side or if you like a looser fit.

    2. Go dark

    If you’re unsure, it’s worth remembering that darker colours are much more flattering. Opt for black or indigo colours to enhance and flatter your lower half.


    3. Wear long tops

    If your jeggings are more leggings than jeans, then balance the look out by wearing long tops.


    4. Don’t forget the shoes

    Jeggings draw attention to your lower half so make sure you have some awesome shoes to flatter your silhouette. Chunky heels and ankle boost work well with this style, as do knee high boots and fresh new kicks.

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