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Our Zen Yoga Leggings Collection

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Yoga is a practice that benefits the mind and body, and it's important to be dressed comfortably and confidently for every yoga session. Our GearBunch Zen yoga pants feature four-way stretch materials that are ready for the most advanced poses. What’s more, they're printed with designs that allow you to take your individuality to class with you.

Browse the Zen yoga leggings below to find the ones that fit your pattern, style and color preferences. Wear them to yoga class, your workouts, around the house or out on the town — you'll never want to take your GearBunch leggings off.

  • Styles and Colors
  • One-Of-A-Kind Leggings
  • Ordering is easy

Styles and Colors

Our GearBunch Zen yoga leggings are available in a wide variety of yoga-themed prints — ranging from our bright lotus capris and ornament-pattern yoga pants to mandala leggings, Rafiki-inspired leggings and Buddha leggings. You'll find namaste yoga pants printed with mellow earth tones and those with rainbow and hot pink prints.

GearBunch Zen yoga pants, workout pants and everyday leggings are available in so many prints and styles, you're guaranteed to find a pair that expresses your individuality. Our Zen yoga leggings range in size from XS to 4XL.

One-Of-A-Kind Leggings

GearBunch Zen yoga leggings are unlike any other yoga pants you'll find on the web. Each pair is custom made, using our ultra-comfortable four-way stretch material and the industry's best printers, the moment you place your order. All GearBunch leggings are made on demand and cut and sewn by hand. They're so durable that the seams cannot be pulled apart by hand.

The process looks like this:

  • Shop for your favorite pair of Zen yoga leggings.
  • Place your order.
  • We use the industry's leading printers to print the design you chose for your namaste workout leggings.
  • Your namaste yoga leggings are cut and sewn by hand.
  • Your order is completed and shipped to your door.

The entire process, from ordering to shipment, takes two to seven days to complete. However, more than 97 percent of our orders are shipped within five business days, and more than 50 percent of orders are shipped within three business days or less. We do everything we can to print, cut, sew and ship your leggings in a timely fashion.

Ordering Is Easy

Placing your Zen yoga pants order is quick and convenient. Simply log onto our GearBunch home page and choose the "Shop" tab. Click on the Zen/Yoga collection, and you'll be directed to our wide variety of namaste yoga styles. Choose the design and size you want, and we'll begin creating your custom order.

Once you've chosen your Zen yoga pants, you can browse our selection of additional prints and styles — including solid colors, unique patterns, animal prints, Day of the Dead prints and much more. We currently do not customize leggings with prints or designs that aren't already featured in our online store, but we encourage you to contact customer support with your design ideas. If we like one of your ideas and it fits our brand, you may see your design in our online shop soon.

What are you waiting for? Order your new favorite pair of yoga (and everyday) leggings today.