Activewear Shopping: How Much Women Spend on Workout Clothing

Women spend hundreds of dollars on clothes they wear only once or twice, and many of them claim that they are never trying to impress men with their sartorial decisions, but other women instead.

They prefer to feel trendy even while sweating, but having the perfect yoga leggings, sports bras, or a pair of comfy sneakers can also be handy when they want to grab dinner after their yoga class.

This doesn’t surprise us at all watching the activewear evolving throughout the years. From baggy sweatpants and old-school gym shorts that we remember from the 80s; to sleek, stylish workout clothing nowadays that is suitable for everyday outfits, worn by women who want to be well dressed anytime and anywhere.

How Women Shop

As with most consumers nowadays, female activewear shoppers are highly digital. They would rather buy a product online than in person, and when they find something they want in-store they usually seek out a better deal online. Using their mobile devices they can conduct product research, locate nearby stores and find the best deals in no time.

The Athleisure Audience

According to a survey, athleisure brands are often favored by the wealthy. The largest income group is consisted of consumers who make $100,000 a year or more. This being said it’s logically why workout clothing is particularly popular amongst older millennials (25 – 34 years old). This main engaged age segment includes fashion lovers who are willing to spend big bucks to keep up with the latest trends, and for whom activewear is a high-end statement of wealth that signals an active lifestyle.

Leggings Are at the Top of the List

According to data from research firm Euromonitor, in 2007, American women were spending about $2.1 billion more on suits than they did on leggings. By 2017, that gap was just $158.1 million—even though suits are far more expensive. Plenty of those leggings, of course, are now even being worn to the office.

Finding Activewear for Less

There are countless ways to save on fitness clothing. Some of our favorites include cashing in on end-of-season sales, activewear shopping during holidays, and most importantly: buying high quality activewear made from breathable material, soft leggings, and wicking fabric tops that will last you for years.
If you budget correctly and make smart purchases, you will have enough to splurge on high-quality items that may require a bit more of an investment.

How much money you spend on activewear is really up to you. Maybe you are a fashionista who wants to gear up with the season’s hottest trends, or wearing the latest apparel trends keeps you motivated to hit the gym.

Either way buying your favorite printed leggings to reward yourself for meeting a fitness goal can be an awesome trick to spend more time at the gym. 


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