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    Workout Clothes You Can Actually Wear to the Office

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    Workout Clothes You Can Actually Wear to the Office

    Who says activewear is for gym only?

    Finding time to workout before going to work can be quite difficult, especially if you want to get more than a few hours of sleep the night before. Wearing office-friendly workout clothes to the office will not only leave you with an extra space in your wardrobe, but will also save your precious time, so you don't have to do a full change of clothing before or after going to gym.

    Thanks to the variety of brands who offer refined and stylish athletic apparel — you can say “Bye, bye!” to your gym bag, because it is now more than possible to wear your activewear right to the office. Ditch the bright neon colors and the leggings with reflective stripes, and opt for pieces in classic colors and or a single tone, which can offer a classier look that passes as office appropriate.

    Of course, what kind of activewear to choose depends mostly on your office environment, and whether it’s a startup or business casual one. However, if you work in place that have some kind of formal dress code, and this idea seems like a good one only if you want to be fired, remember that workout clothing has become so versatile the last few years, that you can easily find comfortable and stylish apparel that is both suitable for the gym and the boardroom after all.

    An office-appropriate workout gear will maximize your time and clothing, and will help you stay comfortable. Think about the awesome feeling of wearing your cozy, soft, flexible leggings at work and not be itching to get home and put your sweats on.


    1. More Freedom, More Movement

    Wearing leggings and sneakers every day will motivate to take more breaks away from your desk and walk around or just step out to pick up lunch, run an errand, etc. You will even more likely walk around the office just to stretch your legs a bit.


    2. Motivation for Going to the Gym

    Is there any logic to wear workout clothes through the whole day and not to go to the gym afterwards? There is no reason not to when you've already won half the battle. Right?


    3. Stretch More Throughout the Day

    If you have some back or neck problems, you would know what a good amount of time spent in stretching during the day means everything. That's hard to do if you have high-waisted skinny pants or jeans on, isn’t it?

    You can even bring massage balls with you to roll out your lumbar spine while you have short breaks during work. This will leave you in so much better mood after the end of your 8 hours duty.


    4. The Standing Desk Is Always a Better Idea

    After a long day of wearing them, heeled shoes can take a toll on your feet, so some comfy trainers will be a major relief. Plus you will be encouraged to use your standing desk more. Spent most of the day on your feet while working will ensure you have much less back pain at the end of the week.



    Photo Credits: Betabrand, GrindTV, Sunnydei and Artifox


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