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    How to Wear Leggings for Plus Size

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    How to Wear Leggings for Plus Size

    You doubt that leggings can be any girl's best friend doesn’t matter what her body size is...? Let us prove you that the slimming qualities of leggings can benefit you — even if you are a proud owner of curves. Especially if they are in dark, or neutral colours such as blacks and browns that are known for their slimming qualities.

    Leggings can be worn as stylish outerwear; undergarment, as a layer underneath your outfit during the colder days, as athletic wear, and even for figure control.

    However, there are few rules that you should keep in mind, like the right fit — no pinching is allowed, leggings that are made from sturdy opaque fabric, avoiding very bright colours, and adornments designs with zips or buttons, which draw attention to unflattering parts.

    If you find yourself having trouble with anything mentioned above, no need to worry, because below are the most handy tips for plus size outfits with leggings and how to nail them in a sartorial way.

    The Best Fabric for Plus Size

    Did it ever happen to you to notice a woman on the street wearing tights as if they were leggings? And trust us when we say that both style-wise and eye-wise for those who see it — there is no bigger offense for any lady than to wear sheer, second skin tights thinking she’s wearing leggings. 

    The thickness of the leggings is extremely important. With that being said, you must consider their opaqueness and choosing a fabric that does not allow the legs to show through, leaving blotchy patches and creating an unattractive and uneven look to your legs. Nobody needs that! Go for thick materials instead, as the heavy ones will both minimise the appearance of cellulite and prevent the underwear to be visible. Thick fabrics can also give the legs a smooth look.

    An extra stretch on the other hand will add even more comfort, helping the leggings to maintain their original shape.

    The Right Size Is Essential

    Bulges don’t look good on anyone, doesn’t matter what your body shape is. Leggings that are too tight might cut you into the waist, creating a stomach pooch. Muffin top isn't the loveliest thing, is it?

    Remember that tighter fit will not make you look thinner, but on the other hand leggings that are too loose will make you look larger.

    To make sure that you buy leggings that fit your body snugly, and look perfectly on you, consider your measurements as indicated by the table below.

    Wear a Hip-length Top

    Anything that is not too tight or too short is ideal for pairing it with your leggings. A comfortable top that leaves a little room to wiggle is always a great idea if you think you have few pounds extra. A length that hits at the hip or below will look most flattering on you. Tunics, cardigans, long shirts, baggy tops, dresses, and oversized sweaters are great for every woman.

    Create Outfit That Always Works

    Even though leggings get classified in the casual realm of dressing, it simply doesn't have to be true. Take a more smart approach and pair them with a crisp button down shirt, sweater and polished formal shoes for a bold overall look that's more life-affirming than lazy.

    You can also take your simple solid leggings up a notch by adding a bold coat or blazer in a fantastic color.

    Another cool way to dress up casual leggings is to wear an oversized blouse in a silky fabric, statement jewelry and high heeled sandals. To complete the outfit, add a belt to define the natural waistline. It would be perfect fancy outfit for even a special occasion.




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