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    Top Beauty Hacks

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    Top Beauty Hacks

    Your daily routine needn’t be a chore as you improve your looks and choose your image for the day.

    Here at ‘Gear Bunch’, we celebrate beauty every day, helping you create and maintain the image that you desire, the image that you want to project to the world.

    We want our customers to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin…

    So, we’ve put together some of our favorite beauty hacks to help you save time and effort.

    • Use a spoon to avoid mascara smudges:

      Nearly everyone suffers from dreaded mascara marks on their eyelids whilst applying. Place a spoon with the curve above or below the lash line to help avoid the mascara residue.

    • Add light to the inner corners of your eyes:

      Have you tried white eyeliner yet? Just applying a tiny touch to the corner of your eyes can really brighten up your look and highlight the rest of your make-up.

    • Use Sellotape to apply perfect winged eyeliner:

      Nobody wants their eyeliner to be wonky and uneven. The ‘winged eyeliner’ look has been a classic for a long time. Placing Sellotape underneath your outside lashes and angled towards the temples can help you follow the tapeline and create a perfect, beautiful look.

    • Check your makeup under different light:

      Although you’ve probably checked your makeup in the house, check it in another room and outdoors before you go about your day. This will allow you to double check and make sure you look and feel perfect.

    • Make your eyes look wider:

      If you sweep your mascara brush towards your nose, the downwards strokes will make your lashes look much fuller. This will make your eyes look bigger and prettier!

    • Make your lipstick last longer:

      The old tricks are the best... But this classic is timeless! After applying a coat of lipstick, lay a tissue across your lips. Next, dust the lips with translucent powder on your lips to make the color set, making your lipstick last longer!

    Every week we’ll be writing new health and beauty hacks for our customers to enjoy…

    What’s your favorite beauty hack? Feel free to share with our community!

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