Queen Letizia of Spain in Chic Leggings: Her Best Looks

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2018-06-18 18:06:51 +1000

We all know that Queen Letizia, 45, wife of King Felipe VI, and Queen of Spain who as such, holds the style of Majesty has impeccable style. But would you be surprised if we tell you that one of her favorite fashion staples recently are the black leggings? Yes, that’s right, and she wears them like only a royal would. The mother-of-two, and a Special Ambassador for Nutrition for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization stepped out looking stunning in a casual but smart get up with a rock and roll edge look. The brunette royal who is a...

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Best Plus Size Leggings Every Curvy Girl Should Own

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2018-04-23 19:34:45 +1000

Is booking your sweat session getting harder and harder? Do you find yourself saying things like: "I don't have anything to wear," or "None of my activewear is comfortable"? One of the best ways to motivate yourself getting to the gym is by investing in new workout clothes. It seems like we are always looking for some excuses when it comes to getting to the gym. We found that complaining about the activewear is our favorite way of procrastinating. Whether that’s leggings that are constantly slipping down, a sports bra that digs into the side boob, or socks that stop...

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How to Celebrate International Women's Day

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2018-03-05 12:59:17 +1100

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global event that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women — while calling for gender equality. Governments, women's organisations, corporations and charities honor the holiday around the world with arts performances, conferences, talks, networking events, marches, films and activities. Whether you choose to venture outside or stay at home, this International Women's Day in order to not only honor all that we have accomplished, but to fight for what we still deserve, March — the 8th is a great way to empower women to stand up worldwide and mark the...

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8 Fitness New Year's Resolutions

Gearbunch Blog Team @ 2018-01-01 08:52:51 +1100

Survived the holiday feasting season? If you are reading this article, you probably did enjoy the most awesome, crazy and magical time of the year, but also pigged out over the holidays, eating and drinking like there is no tomorrow. But now that tomorrow came you are left with your Fitness New Year's Resolutions and a hope that those easy changes for a fitter life won’t be promptly forgotten within a month. The trick? Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Setting unrealistic goals will only leave you disappointed and, often, with a forgotten resolution by the time February...

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