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    Stuck On a Christmas Gift for a Special Person? Get Personal with a Pair of Lovable Heart Leggings

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    Stuck On a Christmas Gift for a Special Person? Get Personal with a Pair of Lovable Heart Leggings

    Christmas is fast approaching and with that comes the very well known question: "What do you get for that special person who is, in a word, impossible to shop for?" Let us help you make the holiday shopping for the people who have everything, and need and want nothing a lot less stressful.

    Finding the perfect gift for that particular person in your life who doesn't want anything is the greatest challenge of all, and requires a bit of thinking-outside-the-box creativity. However, it doesn’t mean that you should opt for something that costs a million dollars. A low-cost present is still a token of love and appreciation, and specialized gifts for those beloved ones who are hard to please will make them smile on Christmas morning despite their insistence that they'd be just as happy with just a card.

    If you are tired of buying the old and already boring stocking fillers or struggling to come up with more unique ideas for Christmas gifts, worry no more, we've done the thinking for you. Our favorite pick this Christmas is a pair of personalized leggings which are an unconventional but definitely memorable gift for the ones you love.

    The trick to getting an ideal gift for friends and family members who have it all is to think up things they wouldn’t purchase on their own. These personalized heart leggings are guaranteed to make your girlfriends and female relatives feel spoiled — even the ones who have everything and never ask you to spend a dime on them.

    Personalized Gift that Will Warm Her Heart

    No matter the occasion, our personalized heart leggings are sure to add some fun and flair to any celebration. They would make a perfect gift for individuals and groups whether that would be birthday present, family reunions, vacations, or special parties gifts and so much more. 

    This Christmas we found a way to make gift giving a little more interesting than simply getting a cliche present and putting it under the Christmas tree. The only limit to how you create your customizable GearBunch leggings is your imagination. Couple them with a matching tank top and pullover, or choose some of our many other gifts for a real treat to send to your favorite girls.

    Design Your Own Leggings

    Channel your inner designer! Go for a special photo, a picture of a favorite hobby, sport, movie, inside joke, or an image that will please your beloved ones. This snapshot of your choice needs to bring your custom creations to life.

    1) Choose an Awesome Photo

    Wondering how to design your own leggings? It’s easy! You’ll have to choose an image that tells a story.

    2) Upload the Photo

    From there you go to this page where you will bring your custom design to life. Then simply click the Upload Button. Choose your picture to fully personalize your leggings.

    3) Pick Your Size

    Once uploading is complete you will be able to preview your picture, then you pick your size, add it to your cart, and check-out as you normally do.

    4) From there, we take on!

    Our designers will carefully place your photo on all the needed areas and send it to our printing facility. They print, cut, and sew your item, and finally send it to you. There you go! You now have your own pair of 100% unique leggings made to order and made to impress.



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