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    Six Health Tips for Women

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    Six Health Tips for Women

    With so many new diets and exercise programs on offer, it’s hard to focus on what’s best for individual women to look and feel great.

    Here at ‘Gear Bunch’ we believe that women should feel strong, sexy, beautiful and empowered, whilst keeping healthy and living their lives as they choose.

    So we’ve conducted a survey and found a few of ‘health tips’ to share with our loyal customers!

    • Adopt a positive body image: 

      Sometimes women can ‘feel fat’ despite being quite slim and toned or in proportion. What you see in the mirror is often a reaction to emotions and feelings about yourself. Adopting a positive body image can make a real difference to the way you look and feel.

    • Do monthly skin checks:

      In the shower, scan your body for any new moles or changes to moles that you already have. Catching the first signs of skin cancer early can rapidly increase your chances of effective treatment and curing problems before they spread.

    • Look after your mouth:

      Oral hygiene is increasingly important the older you get. Try flossing or investing in an electric toothbrush to curb signs of gum disease and to keep your mouth fresh and protected at all times!

    • Plan your food properly:

      From making a shopping list that avoids unhealthy foods, to planning your meals in advance… You should only focus on eating foods that will improve your overall health and wellbeing. Eating whole grains will help keep your heart healthy, whereas vegetables will protect your skin, hair and immune system.

    • Get the sleep you crave:

      A half hour of exercise such as jogging or cross training can help you ease into a deeper sleep at the end of the day. Sleep is very important in maintaining a healthy body, mind, and outlook on life!

    • Keep the brain smart and active:

      Use apps on your phone to keep your brain engaged and healthy. Also, try and read more, read for knowledge and read for fun, it keeps you constantly learning and makes the mind stronger.

    Don’t forget to check out or awesome products to help you feel fit and confident as you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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