Simple Ways to Make Your Leggings Last Forever

Available in multiple of colors, designs and patterns, leggings are one of the top fashion items when it comes to everyday dressing. From the gym and grocery store to brunch and everywhere in between, leggings are the one item that you probably get the most use out of, so no wonder that you want them to last as long as possible and keep them in the best shape as they can be.

Unfortunately leggings aren't sturdy and tough like jeans, but made of synthetic, lycra, nylon, cotton, polyester blend, wool or even silk, which wear-and-tear of regular usage and even the rigours of laundry often squeeze the life out of them. Their delicate and thin material requires special care and cleaning. 

If you aren't sure how to properly care for your leggings, here are easy ways to make them last longer:


Wash Leggings Properly

Use cold water in any case. Synthetic fabric and hot water are not the best friends. The elastane that gives them the stretchy and comfy feeling we all love is extremely sensitive and can be damaged by high temps.

Leggings may last longer if you wash them before the first wearing and immediately after wearing them. Don’t forget to go easy on the detergent, and choose washing powder which is gentle with both synthetic and natural fabrics.

Make Selection

When doing laundry, make sure to separate the synthetics from other materials! Don’t throw your leggings into the washing machine with your denims and cottons! This maintains the quality of the fabric.

Turn Them Inside Out

Of course not while you are wearing them! :) But as you put them in the wash in order to preserve the colors and keep them brighter for long time.

Say Goodbye to Fabric Softener

As awesome as fabric softeners are — they do not go well with leggings! The wicking fabrics that most leggings are made of, such as synthetics, polyester and other high-tech materials absorb very little water. The softener may damage the properties of sports fabric and remove it's abilities to be sweat-wicking and antibacterial.

Blowin’ In The Wind

The mechanical dryer might cause your leggings to fade and shrink faster. Don’t you agree that they deserve some time in the sun? But keep them out of direct sunlight if you don’t want their lovely colors to fade easily. However if you must use the machine dryer, we suggest tumble dry on low.


Put Leggings On Correctly

It may be lame to remind you, but gathering each leg around your ankles and then smoothing them gently up your leg is the best way to put on your leggings in order to make them last longer and the patterns not to get crooked. And don’t forget to remove them with the same care too!


Get the Right Size

You won’t have to tug so much if the leggings are a little roomy to begin with.





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