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    Meet the Lovely Kadi, one of our Leggings Ambassadors

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    Meet the Lovely Kadi, one of our Leggings Ambassadors

    We know we create quality Gear, but to show you we are not the only one we asked Kadi to answer some questions for us :)

    You can find the full interview below.

    It feels so good to read these kind of stories. It feels so good to know that people love our stuff. So we thought “let’s share this with you!"

    Interview: Meet Kadi, Our first Instagram Leggings Ambassador!

    Kadi has a special place in our heart! Kadi was the first brand ambassador we had for GearBunch and she did an awesome job promoting us on Instagram. She even got in touch with a photographer to promote our gear, talk about commitment eh?

    We simply asked her if she wanted to do an interview and, kind as she is, she said yes. Below you will get to know her.

    Hey Kadi! For our readers could you please tell a little about yourself? It is always good to know “the story behind the picture”.

    Hi! Thank you for having me for the interview. I am a small town Ohio girl. My life is dedicated to contributing to the well being of animals. I am a pre-vet student and I manage a veterinary hospital. I ride horses and have a pot bellied pig named PorkChop. When I am not spending my time with my husband or pets, I am working out. I enjoy running and lifting and would love to try out boxing next. My husband and I spend much of our time outdoors; climbing, hiking, camping, etc. My motto in life is "Be nice and work hard."

    How did you first get in touch with our brand?

    I saw a few posts here and there on Facebook and Instagram, they really caught my eye! I thought- "I have got to have these leggings, they have so many options!"

    Obviously you contacted us for a reason. What made you decide to contact us back in the day?

    Your leggings are stunning although I noticed there weren't a variety of photos being advertised. I wanted to become a part of the team and help to show off a brand that I really believed could do well.

    You have our leggings…. You wore them. What do you think of them?

    Let's just say that my jeans don't make it out of my drawer very often. 😜 I love each and every pair I own! I continuously check back at your website to see which others I would like to purchase. I get so many compliments when I wear them out. They are beyond comfortable and amazing quality.

    Some buy our leggings to wear them as a fashion item, some wear them to “Netflix and chill” and other to work out in them. What do you wear them for?

    Is all of the above an option? I wear them around the house for comfort, running, working out, and even riding my horses.

    I think we know the answer here, but would you recommend our leggings to others?

    Silly question! I am saying this on a personal level- not as a representative of your company: these are my favorite leggings I have ever had. I not only recommend people buy them for their amazing quality but your company has been a joy who work with. Very polite, prompt with replies and shipping, and strong with communication.

    We noticed that you are pretty active on Instagram, what do you like to post about?

    My Instagram page is @blonde_firecracker

    I post my day to day shenanigans. Previously it was geared toward my rural lifestyle and my horses but more recently I have started incorporating my fitness journey into my feed. I use my page to express myself while hopefully inspiring and helping to motivate others toward a healthier and more active lifestyle. Most importantly, I always keep it positive (there is enough stress in the world- I try to keep it off my page).

    Are you only active on Instagram or also on other Social Media platforms?

    As of right now, I am only publicly active on Instagram. As my following grows, I may consider expanding to further platforms.

    By now you have probably washed our items a couple of times. Are the colors still vibrant? Is the quality still the same? Did it lose its stretch?

    I have washed them each a few times by now- they look and fit the same as they did when I got them.

    We are planning to expand our product line with shoes first. What item(s) would you love us to do?

    Ooo! Shoes! I love dark/black shoes with a hint of bright colors. You can't go wrong with bright colors these days though. Athletic shoes and flats are a must! As far as type- I am in the market for running shoes and climbing shoes. Another good addition might be Compression shirts/socks.

    Any final words you want to add to this short interview?

    I am not sure if I am allowed to say this or not but I like them much more than the big name legging brand that is popular right now- the one that is sold strictly by individual sales reps. Sounds silly but I love GearBunch leggings also because they stay clean. I work with animals a lot and pet hair does not stick to these like the it does the other brand.

    I just want to thank you for the opportunity to represent Gear Bunch. I am selective when I choose a brand to represent- I will not represent a brand that does not meet my high standards of quality and great customer service.  GearBunch is where it's at!

    Thank you so much for this interview Kadi! I hope you will keep wearing your Gearbunchies with pride!

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