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    How to Wear Leggings Over 40

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    How to Wear Leggings Over 40

    Is there more comfortable, soft, and pleasant feeling than wearing a pair of leggings?

    Doesn’t matter what the weather conditions are like, women usually prefer to wear their leggings both like workout clothes and regular trousers. However, we wouldn’t recommended the second one, especially for women who are above 40, and that's what this article is about.

    Even though it is true that the fabric, size or their fit does matter, leggings simply will always tend to fit over the body perfectly to display all its curves, which is cool if you are teenager, or in your early twenties. For all ladies out there who are reading this, and have reached their amazing wisdom of their 40’s, we would say that it is more appropriate to wear their leggings as an item that supports other garments instead of using it as a main one.

    One or two sizes bigger, as well as loose fitted leggings are very popular as these do not fit tightly over the legs and thereby do not display every inch of your curves, giving smooth straight lines, leaving you with more slim and beautiful touch, without looking overweight, but chic and stylish instead.

    We have compiled a helpful guideline for you that will allow every woman above 40 to wear the right type of leggings effortlessly, making sure that will suit her just perfectly without looking out of shape, no matter what her size or age is.


    Leggings According to Your Body Type

    If you follow some of the guidelines below, you will be able to wear leggings no matter what your body type is.

    Leggings can work wonders for apple body types, when worn with a long tunic or top that covers the belly, bringing into focus your fantastic legs.
    Women who have a pear body shape can also wear leggings, bearing in mind that they should choose tunics that are a bit lengthy so that they can cover their hips.
    If you don’t want to make your calves more prominent, we recommend staying away from leggings. However, you can still wear them if you wish, just paired with nice knee-high boots to cover the curves in your legs.

    The Ideal Top to Wear with Leggings

    The loose fitted leggings match pretty dresses and tunics perfectly, and are an ideal outfit for women of such ages as they are highly comfortable and also give off a trendy layered-like look. Everything from longer (mid-thigh) jackets to sweater dresses, long shirts and tunics would work perfectly. The length of the top depends on the type of your leggings and your comfort level in showing your legs.

    Asymmetrical tops are a hot favourite among middle aged women as they form an attractive body shape and will make you look extra slim.
    Short summer dresses combined with capri or full length skinnies are sure to rock your summers. Go for a hot pair of pumps, classy purse and earrings to be a head turner wherever you go.

    For the warm spring and summer days, pair classic black and/or white leggings with matching flats, striped shirt and a hot pair of sunnies for a holiday or street style look that will instantly make you look younger than ever.

    Go for a long top or knee length light cardigan, or simply layer this outfit up with a sexy blazer, or jacket during the cooler nights.


    Can You Wear Any Color?

    The most sophisticated colour for women of this age are darker shades of brown, black or any earth tone. With solid neutral colored leggings you have a variety of different styles of tops. The dark toned leggings will make the lower half of your body look thinner.

    Just remember to cover yourself from the hips and to carry yourself in the most elegant and stylish way possible.


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    Shangri-La Fashion

    Black is my all time favorite. But the KNIGHT’S CHAIN MAIL LEGGINGS is looking gorgeous too.
    Thanks for the post.

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