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How to Wear Leggings Like a Celebrity

by Gearbunch Blog Team April 19, 2017

How to Wear Leggings Like a Celebrity

If there’s one trend that’s reigned supreme for several seasons now — it’s the leggings. And we are not talking about those favored by yogis, but rather, those beloved by the street style set. But with the right pair of leggings on who can argue that you can work out, and hang out with your friends, run errands, and dance your face off, at the same time, right?

Leggings aren't just a staple, but they are comfortable, functional, versatile and even, dare we say, fashion forward item made to fit the way you move. We are not afraid to say that we are so happy with the fact that celebrities have added new meaning to this everyday staple, that is surprisingly edgy and adaptable garment that looks goon on anyone.

Leggings has gone from being something you probably only wore with a yoga mat in hand to the stretchy bottoms that, are worn by famous fashionistas and fashion bloggers from airports and sidewalks, to even Fashion Weeks. And if these ladies can pull off this trend, then that means that this A-list favorite is one step closer to becoming the coolest piece to wear outside of the studio and gym, or just for a day when you are feeling equal levels lazy and fashionable.

Scroll below to check out some of the stylish celebrities we’ve chosen who look quite comfortably in their “stretch-pants” attire, and shop some of our favourite styles at the end.  


Miranda Kerr paired her sweatpant-leggings with a crop top and covered up everything else with her enveloping cocoon coat, to make the perfect balance.


A pair of simple black leggings beneath a cool unbuttoned denim shirt is the ultimate style trick to wear now, instantly adding a modern edge to your causal ensemble.


Gigi Hadid rocks an over-sized sweater with an extra-long chambray shirt underneath, paired with black leggings and black ankle booties as a real spoiled, and too much of a cool diva.


Alexa Chung looks perfect even in black leggings with loose tee. The kitty flats and the beautiful box bag add even bolder vibe to this very fashionable look.


Be the ‘it’ girl in the room with a nonchalant graphic blouse, trainers and some fancy adds on such as trendy sunnies, gorgeous watch, and simple black bag.


Bell sleeves are huge trend this season, and they work wonders when combined with black leggings, drawing the attention away from the sporty vibe leggings give, lending some dramatic and exaggerated touch to the whole 'head-to-toe-black' outfit.


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Gearbunch Blog Team
Gearbunch Blog Team


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