Halloween Costumes 2018: Tips and Tricks to Make Yours the Best One Yet

Halloween is that one time of the year when you can channel celebrities, athletes, and pop-culture icons in an outfit that is downright scary and stylish at the same time.
It’s the only chance to truly break from your everyday outfits and dress up inspired by your favorite movies and TV shows along with easy people or things to imitate.

Ahead are some Halloween costumes tips and tricks to help you make your decision before October 31.


1. Use What You Already Have

Do you have some leftovers from past Halloweens in your closet such as super funny wigs, fake mustaches or beard? If the answer is yes, then you can probably turn your regular clothes into costumes without the hassle of shopping for new items. Just look through your home, and try to find some unique items.

2. DIY (Do It Yourself)

There are endless opportunities if you decide to make your own costume. You can get ideas from Pinterest and Etsy, or come up with your own. The money-saving effort when you decide to sew your Halloween costume is not only practical, but DIY costumes tend to be the most memorable too.

3. Predict the Weather

Before you buy, make sure that you check the weather forecast for October 31. Halloween print leggings underneath a skirted costume will add a layer of warmth and help you stay warm and cozy.


4. Add Variety

Do you prefer attending multiple Halloween events with the same costume instead of purchasing two separate ones? Glasses, hat, jewelry, or other accessories (and even makeup) can help you make the same costume look dramatically different from one night to the next.

5. Shop Early

Those who wait until the last minute to shop their Halloween look are risking to miss the discounts and all the good deals right before Halloween. Some others go further and purchase their costume right after Halloween, to store it for the next year. That's when Halloween themed clothing prices drop by 75%.

6. Make Costumes Safe

Some costumes come with masks, nails, or hats. Make sure that you customize them according to your own body. For instance, if you cannot see out of your mask properly, make sure that you enlarge the eye slits by cutting them open. 

7. Sell Your Old Ones

Just as you can buy a costume online, you can also sell the one from last year. Then you can use the same money to buy yourself a new one. Another option is to sell all of your old costumes by having a garage sale.

8. Organize a Costume Swap

Invite friends, family, and coworkers to a create a group “costume swap” party. Don’t forget to prepare invitations that include all the details and ask them to bring the old costumes they might have stashed around their house. You will enjoy a fun pre-Halloween party time together, mixing and matching costumes until everyone is geared up and ready for the holiday season.



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