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Fun Leggings to Get You Back to the Gym

by Gearbunch Blog Team April 04, 2017

Fun Leggings to Get You Back to the Gym

When it comes to going to the gym, motivation plays a big part of the success. But what you wear also matters. Nowadays, when there is nowhere you can’t wear leggings, having the right ones won't be only a stylish statement, but will wick away sweat, display movements clearly, and protect your skin. 

The most important part of finding the leggings for gym is ensuring that the fit is right for you and that it caters to your workout. Good workout leggings will hold your muscles compressed in place as you go through impact and power moves. This will help your training and even your recovery in many ways.

Our latest legging collection has it all, and + it is shockingly fashion forward! Featuring everything from bold prints, edgy designs, and intricate details, to eye-catching patterns, these workout pants flatter the body while showing off personal style.

Here are our 10 favorites that will get you back to the gym this spring:

'Thank Squats For This' leggings are the comfiest things ever! This kind of “show off” purple leggings are suitable for both high-intensity workout or a stretchy yoga session. Perfectly comfy, they are sure to get you confident through a sassy workout.



These slick lightening leggings are designed to enhance your movement and to improve your performance on that treadmill. Whether you are headed to the gym or simply love rocking a sportier style, these high quality leggings will serve you well.

LIGHTENING LEGGINGS available at GearBunch


Our new rainbow skull leggings are the perfect pant for those chilly morning runs. The super-soft, stretchy moisture-wicking material will have you moving with maximum flexibility for workouts or running.

RAINBOW SKULL LEGGINGS available at GearBunch


Stand out at the gym with these black and white camo leggings. An always in style camouflage print along with the ultra comfy and flattering fit bring the style that makes them great for a workout look that stands out.

BLACK & WHITE CAMO LEGGINGS available at GearBunch


Don’t be scared to rock this fierce snakeskin print. Show off your wild side in our slippery snake leggings! These stylish workout pants offer a snug fit and stretchy fabric that wicks away sweat.

SLIPPERY SNAKE LEGGINGS available at GearBunch


Be like Neo, and shine bright in neon Matrix inspired leggings for your next intense workout session. Seriously, you can dodge bullets in these workout leggings!



Whether you’re lifting weights, doing yoga, pilates or going for a run, these edgy Space Cat leggings have you covered! Made from a four-way stretch fabric, they dry quickly and comfortably hug the curves of your body.



Bend, twist, and sweat with ease in these fluorescent blue workout pants that create a convincing illusion of x-ray legs. The X-ray Skeleton leggings are so realistic, opening a window inside, down to your very bones. These figure-hugging leggings will wick moisture away from your body to keep you comfortable and dry.

X-RAY SKELETON LEGGINGS available at GearBunch


Our Wicked Forest Leggings are amazing for a holiday workout or if you just want to brighten up your day!

WICKED FOREST LEGGINGS available at GearBunch


Don't be afraid of a little sweat! Look at your skin as you're sparkling in the light, showing everyone you are not a girl who is taking it easy! Made of a four-way stretch and breathable fabric, the leggings stay cool and dry during intense workouts.


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