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    6 Tips to Wear Leggings Outside the Gym

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    6 Tips to Wear Leggings Outside the Gym

    Use These Hacks To Rock Leggings Like a Boss!

    Perhaps no other garment divides fashion opinion as much as the good old pair of leggings. Some people think that they should never be worn as pants while others think that they are super-versatile essentials. 

    In any case, if you love the comfort and sexy look of leggings, there is no reason to not wear them outside the gym. If you are someone who wears them regularly in the gym and wants to know how to sport them outside it, read on:

    Matte in, Shiny out: Unless you have a taste for the bold and flamboyant, stay away from shiny leggings that scream for attention. The regular matte finish leggings are classy enough to be paired with other apparels.

    Ditch the Heels: Avoid stilettos if you want to avoid the trashy look. Leggings are built for comfort, so there is no point in being ironical. Pair them with flats or sneakers.

    Clever Layers: If you are not comfortable with wearing see-through leggings without any cover, there is a simple hack for it. Wear a see-through dress over the leggings to create a partially opaque look that will make you look sexy and classy at the same time.

    Go Full-Length: Cropped leggings are fine for the gym. Otherwise, you should always opt for full length leggings. If you are going to wear your leggings as pants, better do it right.

    Avoid The Skin-Tight Ensemble: It isn’t a good idea to go skin-tight from top to bottom. Opt for a baggy jacket over your top to avoid looking like a body-paint model.

    Match the Jacket: If you manage to match the colors of your leggings and jacket, the outfit will look like it was always meant to be. Wear a contrast-color top to complete the look.

    Found these tips useful? Visit our store today to equip yourself with the funkiest printed leggings that are sold online.

    comment 3 comments

    Allena Rissa

    I always love wearing leggings even when I don’t go to the gym. Thanks for these tips! :))

    Womens Active Leggings

    The significance of picking the right gym clothes is important for better movement, performance, confidence and comfort. Thanks.


    I wear leggings almost every single day and I don’t go to the gym. I own so many pairs of leggings that I could wear a different pair every single day for a month and a half! And I’m not talking “plain jane” leggings either! The flashier the better! And I rock them with tight shirts 99% of the time. I don’t care what people think and I’m proud to be known locally as “the girl with all the crazy leggings!”

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