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Welcome to the thrilling world of Ice Nine Kills merch!

Dive into our exclusive collection of merchandise designed for die-hard fans like you. At Ice Nine Kills, we blend horror, music, and style seamlessly, offering a range of killer items that resonate with the essence of our haunting melodies and spine-chilling lyrics.

How well do you know your favourite band?

What does the band name Ice Nine Kills mean?

The band name "Ice Nine Kills" is a reference to Kurt Vonnegut's novel, "Cat's Cradle." In the book, "Ice-nine" is a fictional substance with catastrophic properties. The band adopted this name to symbolize the blend of horror-inspired themes and music's powerful impact, encapsulating a hauntingly captivating essence.

What movies are Ice Nine Kills songs based off of?

Ice Nine Kills has a knack for transforming iconic horror movies into intense musical experiences. Some of their songs are inspired by cult classics like "The Shining," "A Nightmare on Elm Street," "Halloween," "Friday the 13th," "Psycho," and many others. Each song weaves the band's storytelling prowess into the fabric of these beloved films, creating a unique musical homage to horror.

Who is Ice Nine Kills signed to?

Ice Nine Kills is signed to Fearless Records, a renowned independent record label known for supporting diverse and genre-defying artists. Their collaboration with Fearless Records has allowed them to showcase their musical talents and share their horror-themed narratives with a broader audience.

What movie is "Grave Mistake" by Ice Nine Kills based on?

The song "Grave Mistake" by Ice Nine Kills draws inspiration from the iconic horror movie "The Crow." The track captures the dark and haunting themes present in the film, intertwining the band's musical style with the gripping narrative of "The Crow."

Why was Ice Nine Kills banned from Disney?

Ice Nine Kills faced restrictions from Disney due to their song "The Nature of the Beast," which contained lyrics referencing classic Disney characters in a darker context. The band's intention was to create a compelling contrast between childhood icons and the macabre, but the nature of the song led to concerns about the portrayal of Disney characters, resulting in certain limitations and bans on their music at Disney-owned venues and events.

Step into our online store and discover an array of must-have Ice Nine Kills merch that'll make you scream with delight! From hauntingly beautiful shirts to unique hoodies, we've got it all. Our collection features handpicked designs inspired by our songs, albums, and the dark allure of the horror genre.


Embrace Your Dark Side with Ice Nine Kills Shirts

Get ready to rock your style with our signature Ice Nine Kills shirts. Crafted with top-notch quality materials and featuring striking designs, these shirts are more than just clothing – they're statements. Express your love for our music with shirts showcasing iconic album art, spooky lyrics, and imagery that captures the essence of our haunting melodies.


More Than Just Merch: A Connection to the Music

Our merchandise isn't just about clothing; it's about forming a connection to the heart and soul of Ice Nine Kills. Each shirt tells a story, reflecting the passion and creativity behind our music. Slip into these threads and carry a piece of our world with you wherever you go.


Beyond Shirts: Explore Our Range

While our shirts steal the show, don't miss out on our broader collection. Dive into an ocean of accessories, hoodies and more, each item designed to amplify your love for Ice Nine Kills.


Why Choose Ice Nine Kills Merch?

Quality, uniqueness, and an ode to the macabre – that's what sets our merch apart. Every piece is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring both style and comfort. Plus, with our exclusive designs, you won't find these items elsewhere!


Join the Dark Parade

Ready to step into the world of horror-infused music? Explore our Ice Nine Kills merch collection today and gear up to showcase your fandom like never before. Join the dark parade of fans who proudly wear our shirts and accessories, becoming part of the chilling narrative we weave through our music and merch.


Ice Nine Kills Merch & Shirts

At Ice Nine Kills, we're committed to delivering quality, style, and a connection to our haunting melodies through our exclusive merchandise collection. Whether you're after a bone-chilling shirt or want to explore the depths of our unique items, our store is your portal to the dark, immersive world of Ice Nine Kills.


Don't miss out – dive into our collection now and let your love for the band shine through your style!