We have teamed with renowned Australian artist Aneika Kapeen from the Mudyala Aboriginal Corporation to bring you her exclusive Burning Land Leggings

Artist Aneika Kapeen


I am a proud Yaegl and Bundjalung woman. I am Yaegl through my Grandmother Dorothy Kapeen (née Randall) from Ulugundahi Island and Bundjalung through my Grandfather Walter Kapeen from Cabbage Tree Island.
I paint and draw because it helps sooth the soul. It has a calming way especially when I create art about my family, experiences and stories that have been passed on to us.
Expressing culture is a major part of my life and I am happy I can share this with others and hopefully create an understanding of what my ancestors have passed into me.

Burning Land

Represents the past, present & future of the land.

The land that has burnt, the land burning now, & the land that is recovering.

The three meeting places are symbolic for areas that have suffered and are trying to recover.

The footprints are the animals that have escaped and are looking for a new home.